Is BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s phone hacked? Her leaked photos with BTS’ V rise speculations

Credit: Instagram

In the past few days, there is only one question haunting the minds of the Army – Are BTS’ V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie dating? The matter seemed to be quite simple earlier, but not anymore! It was after a Twitter user allegedly leaked photos of the two K-pop idols dating and clicking love-filled photos that the news caught headlines. In the midst of all this, another account came up with more pictures of the duo.

Earlier photos

Earlier in May this year, fans were shocked when a photo of V and Jennie holidaying in Jeju island went viral on the internet. At that time, YG Entertainment, the agency associated with BLACKPINK, refused to comment anything on the matter. The same goes for BIGHIT Entertainment, which is associated with BTS. Now, once again in August, a Twitter account going by the name of Gurumiharibo has begun sharing selfies of V and Jennie allegedly hanging out in Los Angeles and the former’s home. Talking about the photos, they are supposedly taken from Jennie’s phone as analyzed by multiple professionals.

The Twitter account

For the unversed, the said Twitter account is suspended now. However, the user came up and claimed about having spoken to multiple people and decided to not post any more content on the handle. Moreover, the user stood by the ground that none of the photos were edited and that they were very much real.

More photos

If that wasn’t enough, another user has now come up sharing more photos of V and Jennie together. The two of them can be reportedly seen hugging and spending romantic moments together. It also includes a screenshot of a video call from what appears to be Jennie’s phone. It has made many speculate that the BLACKPINK member’s phone has been apparently hacked. A cluster of images can be seen in the same set of photos that have made the conscious ones wonder whether more photos will get leaked in the coming days. This has further raised concerns regarding the privacy and safety of the artists because many people claim that hacking Jennie’s cloud storage may lead to serious situations.

Check out the photos here.