Is BLACKPINK the reason behind YG Entertainment’s stock market collapse?


YG Entertainment, the agency associated with the K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, has experienced a significant drop in its stock value. The same has happened amid the ongoing speculations surrounding the contract renewals of the group’s members.

BLACKPINK recently concluded its immensely successful Born Pink World Tour on September 17, 2023. As of now, each member is taking a well-deserved break to contemplate their future paths. However, the rumors about the members’ intentions regarding contract renewals have created a sense of uncertainty within the entertainment industry. It has also created a difference of opinion among the BLINKs, with some speculating that not all members are inclined to renew their contracts.

YG Entertainment’s Stock Decline

Reports from South Korean media outlets indicate that YG Entertainment’s stocks witnessed a sharp decline by a staggering 13% shortly before the market closed on September 21, 2023. This decline followed a media report claiming that two members of BLACKPINK, Lisa, and Jisoo, had chosen not to renew their contracts with the agency. However, the agency swiftly responded by releasing an official statement.

The agency officials clarified that no final decisions had been reached and that discussions with BLACKPINK members were still in progress. However, while this news was being written, YG Entertainment’s stocks were traded at 69,000 KRW. The same marked a significant drop of 10,600 KRW from the previous day, which was around 13% lower.

Contract Renewal Speculations

The speculations regarding BLACKPINK’s contract renewals have been a hot topic since the group’s exclusive contracts came to an end in August 2023. The market’s attention has been closely focused on whether the members will choose to renew their contracts or explore new opportunities. There have been reports suggesting that Lisa received an offer from an American agency.

The same rumors also circulated that Jisoo and Jennie might consider leaving YG Entertainment in pursuit of other offers. Presently, there are unverified reports suggesting that Rosé has already renewed her contract. However, the official confirmation regarding any of these rumors remains pending. YG Entertainment has provided limited information, and the BLACKPINK fans are still waiting for a concrete closure to the debate.