Is Bridgerton Season 3 coming in 2023?

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‘Dearest Gentle Reader,

This author invites you to promenade through the contours of the new season of Bridgerton.’

Another season of scandal, rakes, reverberating debutante balls, picking the diamond of the season, frequent visits to the modiste, and a few un-chaperoned detours to worry the mammas of the ton; Season 3 is here to swoon you.

Join the Bridgerverse and stay tuned to this space!

Bridgerton Season 3: Is it coming in 2023?

If all you are waiting for is the good news, then who are we to disappoint you? It is true that Bridgerton Season 3 might release as soon as late 2023, or December of 2023, to be more specific. Now, where does this release date prediction come from, you ask? Recently, the social media accounts of Netflix gave away the release date of Bridgerton Season 3 in a now-deleted post. However, if you are a curious cat, you can check out the screenshot of the deleted post here.

If this contains any truth, the fans can rejoice since their favorite love story is coming back super soon. Moreover, there’s no reason for Bridgerton Season 3 to get pushed to a 2024 release since the filming has already been completed. However, we need to understand that all this is mere speculation at this point since Netflix hasn’t officially revealed the release date of Bridgerton Season 3 yet. So, before you begin your countdown to Bridgerton Season 3, it would be wise if you wait for an official announcement so as to not face any disappointment, if at all.

Bridgerton Season 3: First Look

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Ever since we witnessed the gripping, passionate love story between Kate and Anthony, we were already hoping for the release of Season 3. It is official! Netflix has officially announced that Bridgerton Season 3 will release in 2023. They have not mentioned exactly when but have given us enough sneak peeks and theories as to what we can expect from this season.

Credit: Netflix

Here Penelope (a.k.a Lady Whistledown) looks soft and feminine in her ivory gown with her auburn locks tenderly carving her face. Her stature and posture look something out of a still portrait.

Finally, she ditched the horrendous Featherington ‘yellows’ and opted for more subtle earthy tones that bring out her inner luminescence.

bridgerton season 3 polin

This picture has us shuffling in our seats, unable to control squeals of joy as we get a glimpse of the burning desire between Colin Bridgerton (main Bridgerton sibling in focus) and Penelope Featherington. This unworded passion is worth a thousand emotions, and we cannot wait to explore the romance between the two.

In conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Nicola Coughlan said Season 1 was about ‘heated courtship,’ Season 2 was about ‘longing,’ and Season 3 is going to be all about ‘romance.’

And we expect nothing less. For the book lovers of the Julia Quinn series, Season 3 will skip over the story of Benedict Bridgerton (An Offer from a Gentleman). We will get straight to the fourth book, which features Penelope and Colins, a story(or Polin) called ‘ Romancing Mr. Bridgerton,’

If you have read this book, you will know exactly what the next scene is about.

The Carriage Scene

Yes! The steamy carriage scene is going to be a part of this season. Our wishes have been fulfilled. How do we know this?

Netflix released an official announcement video signifying the beginning of filming for season 3. All the cast members who will be returning for Season 3 made appearances. Thereafter, we get a shot of Luke as Colin Bridgerton opening a carriage door, and seated inside was Nicloca in her brand new avatar. She states, “ Bridgerton Season 3 filming has officially begun.” Then she gazed at Luke as she signaled him into the carriage, “ Are you coming?” to which he replied in the positive and got it.

And that’s that! We don’t want to give spoilers on what happens next, but all we can say is that ‘things are about to get steamy.’

Along with a classy Polin romance, we can expect a further take on #Kanthony after marriage life. We will see Kate’s vulnerable side, and her take on being the Viscountess Bridgerton, and how she handles her responsibilities as well as her family.

A few looks from Kate showed her wearing softer, more light hues with her tresses loosened around her temples. This is a deep contrast from her sharp-colored gowns in teal, purple and blue. It is clear that we will be viewing a more mature and vulnerable Kate.

Here is where we left off in Bridgerton Season 2

Bridgerton Season 3 Premiere Date: Will it be announced soon?
Credit: Netflix

Ever since Kate and Anthony Bridgerton’s story was released in Bridgerton Season 2, the #Kanthony fan base has reached the top of the shipping radar. If Seasons 1 and 2 taught us anything, it is the real essence of epic love.

Season 2 ended on a chaotic note when Penelope overheard Colin stating that he would never imagine courting her. On the other hand, Penelope’s well-camouflaged identity as Lady Whistledown was discovered by Eloise Bridgerton in an unfortunate turn of events. In addition to that, Eloise and Theo’s supposed romance was put to a halt (courtesy of Ms. Penelope Featherington).

Bridgerton Season 3 is not coming to Netflix in June '23
Credits: ELLE

However, we did at least get one happy ending, which was Kate and Anthony Bridgerton’s which was not without its fair share of challenges.

We were also given a minuscule teaser at the end with regards to Edwina Sharma (who almost wed Anthony Bridgerton). Here during the finale ball, the Queen, who had begun to grow fond of Edwina Sharma, said that her grand Nephew, Prince Friedrich (who Daphne rejected in Season 1), was still single and available.

Will there be a Bridgerton Season 4?

Bridgerton Season 3: Everything revealed about this romance series until June 2023

Yes! Netflix confirmed that Season 4 will also be coming in the upcoming year. We can expect the story to be based on Benedict Bridgerton and, at the same time, progress in the relationships of the other siblings. After all, we have eight seasons to get through!

Where to Watch Bridgerton Season 3?

Since neither an official Bridgerton 3 trailer nor the series has been released yet, you will be able to stream it on Netflix if you have a subscription. Seasons 1 and 2 are available and streaming on Netflix.

However, it is set to release really soon, in 2023, so hold your horses!