Is BTS’ Jimin dating South Korean actress Song Da-eun?

Is BTS’ Jimin Dating South Korean Actress Song Da-eun?
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In an interesting turn of events, BTS’ Jimin finds himself ensnared in a dating controversy, with people speculating that he is dating a South Korean actress, Song Da-eun. Earlier, an anonymous social media user shared a post that acted as a piece of evidence that went viral on the internet, proving that the BTS member is dating the actress. Be that as it may, the post which contained 12 photos of Jimin and Song Da-eun is now deleted on the internet.

According to Koreaboo, a post which was titled ‘Proof of Bangtan Jimin Dating Song Da-eun’ on July 18 took the internet by storm. Jimin was rumored to be dating Song Da-eun based on the matching accessories they wore, however, the earrings and necklaces are not of the same brand. Not only that, but the duo had coincidentally timed Instagram stories and had even attended the same events at the same time. As a result, the ARMY speculated that they were dating.

You can take a look at them here:

However, not everyone was convinced by the mere occurrence of coincidences. A fan wrote that Song Da-Eun could be Jimin’s bias which can be a possibility. “I don’t think the two of them are dating. From all the evidence it seems like maybe Song Da-Eun is having a crush on Jimin. Same Instagram posts and jewellery might be a coincidence and if not then maybe Song Da Eun tried to match jewellery with Jimin. Army should always support him,” another fan argued.

Another person commented, “If it will be true then I’m really happy for him, I love him with my true heart. Sometimes I sound to be stupid to love a man who will never be mine. Still, if this is true then not just now but my heart will take some time to move on. I know nobody is listening to me and nobody will understand my feelings but still, I LOVE U PARK JIMIN. I wish I can be yours .”

Some fans have also talked about freeing BTS ‘from these stupid posts.’ In addition to this, fans have argued this with logic, saying that why would someone to go the same event at the same time and not sit together? Meanwhile, some fans have also expressed their love for Jimin by saying that no matter what, they’ll always support him.

Despite the escalating rumors about Jimin, HYBE and BigHit haven’t reacted or commented upon these claims. Be that as it may, this isn’t the first time that a BTS member has been ensnared in a dating controversy. Earlier, BTS’ V, aka Kim Taehyung, was rumored to be dating BLACKPINK’s Lisa, since they dated the same events. To make it worse, RM was rumored to get married. None of them was true. Or at least they weren’t officially announced by the septet’s entertainment agencies.