Is BTS’ Jungkook going to collaborate with J-Hope for his OST album?


BTS member J-Hope is all set for a double release much to the excitement of the ARMY. The rapper has already announced his latest album and documentary on his 30th birthday which was on February 18, 2024. For the unversed, it is titled HOPE ON THE STREET Vol. 1. According to the latest reports, the album will debut in March 2024.

Now, the latest rumors state that the same OST album is also going to feature J-Hope’s fellow member Jungkook. Yoon Mirae, another K-pop sensation is also said to join the star-studded cast.

More details on J-Hope’s album

Talking about J-Hope, the BTS member is currently fulfilling his military duties. He is going to drop a special 6-track OST album on March 29, 2024. Moreover, his fans are already excited because this particular album will have not one but two very special editions: two CD versions and a Weverse-exclusive version. The cover art of the album already features some hidden text that has sent the BTS Army into a frenzy. However, the image is unclear. But curious fans have somehow deciphered who J-Hope might be collaborating on the album’s tracks.

Jungkook on the cards!

The BTS Army was quick to speculate that J-Hope’s collaborator could be none other than Jungkook himself. The fans are said to have observed a blurry detail in the released images in the INTERLUDE version. This has led to a new speculation about a potential collaboration between the two members of the Bangtan Boys.

LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin to be a part of J-Hope’s project

South Korean media outlets have also suggested that Huh Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM could also be teaming up with BTS member J-Hope for his upcoming project. Huh Yunjin is already known for her exceptional dancing skills. She also shares a similar talent with Hobi, leading everyone to believe in the possibility of this collaboration.

Yoon Mirae onboard too!

Natasha Shanta Reid aka Yoon Mi Rae, is a renowned American-born solo rapper. The singer is currently based in South Korea and is now all over the news over mere speculation. Yes, this is about Mirae featuring on J-Hope’s album. Fans had doubts about it when the diva recently posted a picture with J-Hope on Instagram. Moreover, Gaeko from Dynamic Duo is also said to be part of the same album.