Is BTS’ RM going to join the military soon?

Credit: GQ Korea

Fans of BTS can breathe a sigh of relief as eAeon, a Korean singer and close friend of RM, clarified the BTS leader’s military enlistment status. Speculation arose when RM shared a picture of his new haircut on social media, leading fans to worry that it was a sign of impending military service. However, eAeon reassured fans on Threads, confirming that RM’s haircut had no connection to military enlistment and that he is not enlisting anytime soon. This news brought relief to BTS fans who were concerned about the possibility of RM’s absence from the group.

Rumors and Speculation

RM’s haircut picture sparked speculation among fans due to the history of other BTS members, such as Jin and J-Hope, enlisting in mandatory military service. The caption of RM’s Instagram post, “gotta expect the unexpected,” further fueled the rumors. However, eAeon’s update on Threads put an end to the rumors, alleviating fans’ concerns.

Recent Activities of RM

Aside from the military enlistment rumors, RM has been active in various music projects. He recently appeared on the first episode of Colde’s blue room, a show hosted by Korean musician Colde. RM and Colde have been friends since 2016 and have collaborated on music together. Colde released a track called “Don’t ever say love me,” featuring RM, and during their conversation on the show, RM shared his thoughts on writing songs about love and the similarities between love and life. His Korean wordplay and unique perspectives in songwriting continue to captivate fans.

With eAeon’s reassurance and RM’s ongoing music activities, fans can rest assured that the BTS leader will continue to be active in the group and their future endeavors, providing them with more incredible music and performances to enjoy.

Who is RM?

RM, also known as Rap Monster, is a stage name for Kim Nam-joon, a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and leader of the globally renowned boy group BTS. He was born on September 12, 1994, in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. RM is not only known for his exceptional rapping skills but also for his role as a songwriter and producer within BTS. He has been instrumental in shaping the group’s musical direction and has contributed to the lyrics and production of many of their songs. RM is recognized for his introspective and thoughtful lyrics, often tackling personal growth, societal issues, and the pursuit of self-acceptance. With his leadership, musical talent, and charismatic stage presence, RM has played a significant role in the success and global popularity of BTS.