Is BTS’ V gearing up for his solo debut? Here’s what we know

Credit: Instagram

Fans of BTS, known as ARMY, are speculating that member V (Kim Taehyung) may be working on his highly anticipated solo debut. This speculation arises from a recent Instagram story posted by V’s longtime producer and friend, Hyeseung.

The story featured a snippet of an instrumental with jazzy elements, a genre that V particularly enjoys. Notably, Hyeseung previously worked on V’s recent release, ‘Le Jazz de V.’ HYBE, BTS’ agency, had confirmed that V and Jungkook would be the last members to make their solo debuts later this year, heightening fans’ anticipation for V’s upcoming solo project.

V’s Achievement with ‘Le Jazz de V’

‘Le Jazz de V,’ a cover of jazz songs by V, has garnered significant attention and success. The live version of the performance has surpassed 10 million views on YouTube. In this video, V showcases his unique interpretations of jazz classics, including ‘It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas’ and ‘Cheek to Cheek.’

Despite its 7-minute and 44-second duration, the video continues to captivate viewers globally, with one million views achieved within an hour of its release. The video quickly climbed the ranks, reaching the second spot in Music Videos Trending Worldwide, while ‘Le Jazz de V’ and ‘Kim Taehyung’ trended in the first and second positions, respectively, in real-time trends worldwide.

V’s Affection for Jazz

V has expressed a deep fondness for jazz, describing it as a blessing that evokes emotions and a sense of being loved through the genre’s music. The live video of ‘Le Jazz de V’ accentuates V’s rich, heartfelt low-pitched voice alongside a vibrant jazz band, further amplifying his love for jazz. The video, resembling a jazz film, creates an immersive jazz experience, capturing the ambiance of ‘All That Jazz,’ a renowned jazz bar in South Korea cherished by jazz enthusiasts.


With the recent Instagram story shared by V’s producer, fans are buzzing with excitement, speculating that V’s solo debut may be on the horizon. V’s success with ‘Le Jazz de V’ highlights his versatility as an artist and his ability to captivate millions of viewers with his unique interpretations of jazz classics. As fans eagerly await V’s solo endeavors, his affection for jazz and his desire to explore new musical territories continue to resonate with audiences worldwide. The anticipation grows as ARMY eagerly anticipates V’s upcoming solo release, eagerly anticipating another remarkable chapter in his artistic journey.