Is BTS’ V returning to acting again? Here’s what we know

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In a heartwarming and musically charged episode, BTS’ V recently graced IU’s musical talk show, IU’s Palette. Throughout the conversation, IU ensured V felt right at home, leading to adorable interactions that delighted fans. They discussed V’s new music, acting aspirations, career plans, and more, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

IU created a welcoming atmosphere for the BTS member, putting him at ease throughout the show. The two artists shared not only their music but also their friendship, stemming from their mutual love for music. IU expressed her delight that Kim Taehyung, renowned for his passion for jazz and classical music, had released an album that truly reflected those artistic interests.

“Layover”: V’s Turning Point

V opened up about his album “Layover” and the significance behind its name. He described it as a turning point in his career, likening it to the beginning of painting a picture that is uniquely Kim Taehyung. Initially planning to release the album in December, V decided to delay it, striving for perfection in every aspect.

The Title Track

When discussing the album’s title track, “Slow Dancing,” V eloquently expressed his vision, stating, “I think it’d be nice to listen to my title when the wind blows by very slowly.” The duo then performed “Slow Dancing” together, enjoying the musical synergy. The BTS member also revealed that his album drew inspiration from the legendary David Bowie, aiming to capture the same vibe and facial expressions as the iconic artist. The influence of Bowie’s artistry was evident in the album’s creation.

V’s Aspirations in Acting

Delving into his aspirations beyond music, V expressed a desire to explore thriller roles in acting. He cited the Netflix series “The End of the F**king World” as a significant influence that altered his perspective on acting. His dream role? The protagonist from that very series. The show took a playful turn with a game about slang terms, which V won, earning himself a strawberry cake, a sweet treat he adores. They also engaged in a “color switch” moment, sharing songs that held personal significance to them.

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Heartfelt Duets and Fan Appreciation

Before the color switch, V and IU indulged in a cute pose, showcasing their playful camaraderie. They delighted fans with a duet of IU’s “Ending Scene.” In a beautiful musical exchange, IU lent her vocals to V’s song “Love Me Again,” leaving him in awe of her vocal prowess.

Both artists expressed immense gratitude for their fans and the deep connection they share through music. They acknowledged that the interpretations created by fans are the most meaningful and heartfelt, surpassing any other understanding of their artistry.

As the show concluded, Tae Bear expressed his appreciation for IU’s band and extended heartfelt words to ARMY, promising more diverse music genres and abundant love through his new album. He cherished the support of his dedicated fans and eagerly anticipated sharing more musical journeys with them.