Is Fire Country new tonight?

Fire Country Season 2: Are there any expectations for August?

Will CBS air Season 2 of Fire Country tonight?

Will we finally view what an uncertain future plagued with deception and false promises falls on Bode Donavan and slices into his growing redemption arc? 

Warm with anticipation and giddy with unbridled excitement, viewers await the premiere of Season 2 of Fire Country. Alas, we have some unfortunate news regarding this, so let’s get it out of the way so we can focus on the positives. Fire Country is not new tonight on CBS, and it might take a while for the new season to knock on doors on the CBS network.

Every year we await a fresh new fall roaster full of new seasons from titular seasons that promise to make a comeback by fall. However, this year is different. The fall series calendars are empty or are being frantically altered to match current scenarios, or reruns of the previous seasons are being used to fill up the void in order to give the viewers something to reminisce about.

Fire Country Season 2 Release Date Update: Everything we know so far

Why you ask? Well, right about when a domino effect was initiated and resulted in a series of high-demand shows being revived for newer seasons, the WGA strikes took shape in May 2023. While some already had a headstart at the production process such as Stranger Things, Silo, and others, some other shows like Blue Bloods and Fire Country never got to witness the writers’ inks etch storylines onto their scripts. Within a month, SAG AFTRA voiced in with WGA resulting in a four-month-long double strike that still continues to this day.

With no scripts ready for Season 2 of Fire Country, and no actors to film the sequences, CBS, much like its competitors, succumbed to releasing their fall 2023 schedules anyway predicting that the strikes would dissipate by July. Hence, CBS made a proclamation amidst the strikes that Season 14 would begin production in July if they wanted to achieve a fall 2023 release as per their calendar. Check out the earlier fall calendar released by CBS in May.

However, the channel was soon made to face the grave error of this decision and alter the schedule after two long months. Other competitor channels also followed. They updated that CBS will not air the new Season of Fire Country this fall, due to the unwavering delays caused by the ongoing strikes. The CBS network succumbed to broadcasting reruns of popular shows on the time slots reserved for new seasons. While titular series like Blue Bloods and NCIS have made the cut, Fire Country did not get picked up.

There is one ginormous reason behind this. Compared to the cult classic franchises and series that have been continuing their game for over a decade, Fire Country has only completed one season and is a fresh series. The rerun slots are only booked for fan-favorite classics. If you are feeling left out, you can view Season 1 of Fire Country on Paramount Plus itself provided you have a subscription. Meanwhile, check out the CBS primetime schedule that has been recently altered.

Otherwise, you will have to join the long waiting line for Season 2 to arrive. So when exactly will Season 2 arrive? Here is our prediction.

Fire Country Season 2 Expected Release Date: Best Case Scenario

Fire Country Season 2 Release Date Update: Everything we know so far

While the following prediction that we will make is not set in stone, it will provide the nervous viewers with a degree of solace and a specific time window to look forward to. Mind you, this prediction may alter as new updates on the ongoing strikes surface, so keep an open mind going forward.

Today marks day 3 of back-to-back negotiations with CEOs and the WGA and day 144 for the writers, a meeting that lasted over 10 hours since the writers brought to the table new clauses of the deal. The union sent a letter to the strikers stating: ” We ask as many of you as possible to come out to the picket lines tomorrow.”  The SAG AFTRA with the actors is also in full force, today marking their 71st day striking on the picket lines not ready to back down. Production houses are slowly emptying out their last pennies, movie hall tickets are recording their all-time low, and Hollywood producers are scratching their heads to meet the demands of the unions to put an end to this. Since we do not have a conclusive date on when these deals will be met, it makes our following prediction of Blue Bloods Season 14 all the more unresolved.

Assuming that the strikes meet their end within October 2023, and the Fire Country Season 2 kicks start into production, we can expect the new Season to arrive somewhere in the mid-2024 timeline which includes the first quarter of 2024, and includes the months of January, February, March, and April. This is not the road solely taken by CBS for Fire Country, but holds true of every other release that was supposed to debut in the fall of 2023.

As more concrete news blows our way, we will surely update this space.

Fire Country Season 2 is not coming to CBS in September 2023

What Will Season 2 Of Fire Country Touch Upon?

While the exact details of the new season have been kept under the radar following the current unprecedented events, judging on the premise of what Season 1 brought to the table and the uncertain note on which it ended, we can make fair predictions on what Season two will squarely be based on. (*spoilers ahead*)

Firstly, Bode Donavan’s accelerating redemption arc gets snipped off by the false accusations of using substances that land him behind bars once again making us come full circle. But this time, he confessed to protect his friend who was guilty of substance abuse. Season 2 will most probably pick up from this and show us the atrocities faced by Bode all over again, basking in the similar stench of prison rots.

Secondly, another cliche yet intriguing plot that Season 2 will explore is centered around a paternity question. Cara, who is Bode’s ex-girlfriend, who is also Jake’s girlfriend is pregnant and is confused about who the father is. Due to the uncertainty, we may have reason to think Bode had something to do with it, or maybe he is just being framed. Only Season 2 can tell.

fire country season 2 4

Lastly, we are mostly worried about the plot developments in the relationship between Bode and Gabriella whose feelings had finally surfaced, until Bode’s drug test came back positive and he was sent back to prison. Additionally, there is the uncertainty surrounding Cara’s pregnancy. To choke the already congested plot, creators have decided to introduce a new face to the mix. This is none other than Kyle, played by Kanoa Goo who is described as a swimmer who will fight Gabriella for Bode’s attention. Will their love weather through the storm or will the first gush of wind blow their bond into obliteration? Season 2 cannot come soon enough to quench our inquisitiveness!

Additionally, use the comment section to tell us what you think Season 2 of Fire Country will deal with and whether you think Bode and Gabreiella’s love stands a chance.

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