Is it love or attachment? Know the difference

Credits: Pexels

We may be familiar with both the terms – love and attachment, but we often fail to know the difference between the two. We are often confused about the feelings that we have for a person – is it love or is it attachment? Well, here this article could help you in figuring out this problem of yours. Here are some differences between love and attachment:

1. Love is selfless, whereas attachment is selfish


Being selfless and being selfish is a major difference between people who are in love and the ones who are just attached to one another. A person who is in love always tends to keep the needs and wants of their partner above their own. Being in love would increase your urge to make that person smile and be happy even if you have to go against your own self for that. While, if it is that you are only attached to that person you would use them to make yourself happy in one way or another.

2. Love is liberating, whereas attachment is possessive

Love is something that would encourage you to be your own self. Built on the foundation of trust and understanding, love makes you feel secure even if you are not physically together at times. Whereas the feeling of attachment is full of insecurity and controlling behavior. When you are just attached and not in love it would be hard for you to accept the person for who they are and you would have the constant urge to control them. This feeling of attachment is also the one behind you feeling jealous when your partner is talking to somebody else.

3. Love is passionate, whereas attachment is not



Passionate love doesn’t mean that you are craving for each other but what it actually means is that constant urge of making the person you love smile, even if you have to go to great lengths for that. Whereas attachment can be simplified as the fear that you have of losing that person.

4. Love reduces your ego, whereas attachment increases it

Ego is something that builds up as the process of you being self-absorbed and therefore when you fall in love you will soon see your ego decreasing with time. Love makes you do things for the person you love and not your own self eventually reducing your ego. Whereas relationships based on attachment are ego-centric. These are the ones that boost your ego in a negative direction.

5. Love lasts forever, whereas attachment can die with time



Love can be stated as a feeling that never dies. You may or may not end up being with that person forever but if you truly loved them at some point in your life they will hold a special position in your heart. Whereas if all you were was just attached to them you will soon be separated and may have the feeling of rage and resentment soon after your breakup. You may even hate that person and soon get attached to someone else.