Is Jungkook missing the other members of the BTS? Here’s what he said

Credit: Instagram

In a recent interview, BTS’ Jungkook opened up about what he misses the most about his fellow BTS members. When asked this question, the golden maknae of the group chose to share heartwarming memories from his solo promotion of “Seven” rather than talking about each of his fellow members individually. He expressed that more than feeling their absence, he longed for the ordinary moments they shared while promoting together. Jungkook fondly remembered the times when all the members were in the waiting room, each preparing for their own performances. He expressed a strong desire to reunite as a group on stage and relish those moments once again.

The Left and Right singer also shared his aspirations as an artist. He expressed his desire for his unique artistic color to shine brightly while also being open to exploring various styles and genres to challenge his creative limits. This willingness to diversify his music reflects his commitment to artistic growth and evolution.

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Jungkook’s Thoughts on ARMY

When asked about his thoughts on BTS’ loyal fanbase, Army, Jungkook expressed his deep appreciation for them. He described the fans as a “ray of light” in his life, highlighting the profound impact they have had on him. The BTS member struggled to put his immense love and gratitude into words, emphasizing that the Army represents more of a feeling than an image to him. He went on to describe his fan base’s love as surpassing the boundaries of conventional love, transcending the distinction between fans and family or friends.

JK also shared a touching anecdote about a challenging phase in his life when the Army’s love and compassion provided him with the strength to overcome difficulties. This underscores the strong bond between BTS and their devoted fanbase.

Jungkook’s Passion for Cooking

Later, the youngest BTS member also discussed his newfound passion for cooking, which he has been sharing with fans through live sessions. This hobby not only provides a glimpse into his personal life but also allows him to connect with fans on a more intimate level, showcasing his talents beyond music.