Is Kim Kardashian embarrassed over ex Kanye West and Bianca’s Italian outings?

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Amid the amorous escapades of her ex-husband Kanye West and his alleged “wife” Bianca Censori in Italy, Kim Kardashian is reportedly experiencing a wave of second-hand embarrassment on behalf of Kanye. The former couple, who reportedly participated in a non-legally binding ceremony in January, have been making headlines during their stay in Venice, Italy, particularly due to Censori’s bold fashion choices that have raised eyebrows among the locals.

Displays and Sightings

The couple’s August escapades have attracted attention, including compromising photos of Kanye and Censori on a boat ride, igniting both online and real-world criticism. A source shared with The Sun that Kim Kardashian, a central figure in the Kardashian family, has been greatly concerned about the impact of these public displays on her children. The source revealed that she is grappling with the challenge of explaining these images to her kids.

Worries and Concerns for Kanye

Kim’s feelings of embarrassment and concern for Kanye stem from his behavior, which appears to be increasingly erratic. The source elaborated that Kanye’s actions, such as walking barefoot on the streets while holding champagne, raise questions about his well-being. These actions make it difficult for Kim to move forward from her past relationship with the rapper, particularly as they co-parent their four children.

Constant Reminders of the Past

The source further explained that each of Kanye and Bianca’s unconventional public displays serves as a reminder of Kim’s own past choices, including wearing skin-tight nude outfits during her marriage to Kanye. For Kim, these instances revive memories of a chapter she would prefer to leave behind. She aims to move beyond the public scrutiny that surrounded her marriage to Kanye.

Kim’s Divorce from Kanye

Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce from Kanye West in 2021, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for their separation. The divorce marked the end of a high-profile relationship that captured the attention of the media and fans alike.

Despite their separation, Kim continues to navigate the challenges of co-parenting and addressing the public’s interest in her past and present relationships. The recent events surrounding Kanye and Censori’s Italian escapades have added a layer of complexity to Kim’s efforts to move forward while preserving a sense of privacy and dignity for herself and her family.