Is Kim Kardashian shopping for someone special in Japan?

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian’s recent presence in Japan has sparked hilarious reactions from her fans, with many speculating about her potential new partner. The 42-year-old reality star shared a series of pictures on her Instagram feed, showing herself and her son enjoying a Paris Saint-Germain vs. Al-Nassr FC game.

The Candid Moments at the Game

Among the pictures shared by Kim, one stood out as her son, Saint, joined her in the stands to watch the game. In the photos, Kim is seen striking her signature kissy face while Saint humorously covers his ears with his fingers and sticks out his tongue at the camera. The adorable moment between mother and son delighted fans, who couldn’t help but share their amusement in the comments.

Meeting with Brazilian Soccer Legend Neymar

Another highlight of Kim’s trip to Japan was her meeting with Brazilian soccer legend Neymar, who plays for Paris Saint-Germain. In a photo shared by Kim, she is seen making yet another kissy face while posing with Neymar. The reality star expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to witness the game and see her sons’ dreams come true.

Fans’ Speculations

Kim’s appearance with soccer stars in Tokyo led to a flurry of speculations among her fans. Some playfully suggested that she might be “shopping for her next boyfriend” while in Japan. This playful speculation comes in light of Kim’s past relationships with rappers and basketball players.

The YouTube Star’s Involvement

Fans also noticed that YouTuber Darren Watkins Jr, known as iShowSpeed, was present in one of the photos alongside Kim’s son, Saint, and his friend. This observation sparked further interest among fans, with some suggesting that Kim’s interaction with the YouTuber might be more than just a casual encounter.

Amusing Fan Reactions

Commentators on Kim’s Instagram post added humor to the speculation, jokingly claiming that Kim is “shopping” for a soccer boyfriend. Others suggested that she might be moving on from rappers and basketball players to hot soccer players, in jest, of course.

Kim’s Response

As of now, Kim Kardashian has not addressed the speculations directly. It’s worth noting that celebrities often attract attention and rumors, and fans enjoy playfully speculating about their personal lives. While Kim’s trip to Japan might have sparked amusing reactions, it’s essential to remember that these speculations are all in good fun.


Kim Kardashian’s presence in Japan and her interactions with soccer stars have ignited playful speculation among her fans about her potential new partner. As always, Kim’s social media activity continues to draw attention, and her fans are eagerly following her journey. Regardless of the speculations, Kim’s priority remains her children, and she expressed her gratitude for seeing their dreams come true during the soccer tour in Japan.