Is NCIS Season 21 new tonight?

Is NCIS Season 21 new tonight?
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We have officially entered the third quarter of 2023, and NCIS season 21 does not seem to be inching closer to us than before. The fans’ anticipation for the latest installment of NCIS has reached new heights since its immediate predecessor ended on a major cliffhanger. Nothing could be more tormenting than to air a season finale that ends with the echo of a loud gunshot airing in the background.

The mystery of this loud gunshot would have been solved if it hadn’t been for the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that postponed the production schedules of all broadcast television shows indefinitely.

However, with the WGA strike officially announcing its end on September 27, 2023, fans are anticipating the arrival of the latest season with rejuvenated hopes. Does this mean that NCIS season 21 is new tonight? Unfortunately no.

Here’s why.

Is NCIS Season 21 new tonight?

When the WGA strike took flight in May, the production houses presumed that it would continue for a week or two. However, it not only continued for almost five months but it was also joined by the SAG-AFTRA strike, heralded by the actors’ union. Now that the writers’ strike is over, people expect them to resume their work as soon as possible. Per Deadline, the entire NCIS writing team will begin their work by early next week.However, this does not secure the NCIS Season 21 premiere. Although the writers’ strike is over, one should not forget the ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike heralded by the actors’ union.

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So, even if the scripts are ready within a stipulated period, the production won’t begin unless the actors’ strike ceases to continue. That will only happen when a fair deal for the actors is achieved in the upcoming weeks.

If the actors’ strike ends by the end of this year, we can expect NCIS season 21 to premiere in the first quarter of 2024. In the new season, we expect the writers to underscore Nick Torres’ fate and bring about a resolution in his character arc. Moreover, season 21 is definitely expected to pick up from where its immediate predecessor left off. The cliffhanger is killing us now!

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