Is Platonic Season 2 happening?

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Will (Seth Rogen) and Sylvia (Rose Byrne) are two folks in their early middle age who aren’t pleased with their position in life and renew their old best relationship to bring recklessness and excess back into their lives in Platonic, an Apple TV+ dramedy from Nicholas Stoller and Francesca Delbanco.

The show has coasted on the charm and chemistry of its stars throughout its ten-episode first season, and surprisingly, it hasn’t sacrificed their titular platonic connection, instead focusing on how other people in Will and Sylvia’s lives see that relationship. However, it has also concentrated on Will and Sylvia’s interiority and what is taking place in their lives to push them to reignite their youth via one another.

Season one was centered on how two former best friends, Will and Sylvia, began chatting again after a lengthy separation. Will and Sylvia reconnect, as shown in the trailer, while Will is going through a difficult divorce. When they are both in their forties, they embrace what they felt was best for them: their old platonic friendship. Evidently, it is not so simple; this revived connection alters their lives in profound ways.

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Is Platonic Season 2 happening?

Neither the series’ creators nor Apple officials have confirmed the second season’s production. However, in a conversation with The Hollywood Reporter, Luke Macfarlane, who plays Sylvia’s lawyer husband Charlie on the show, claimed that he was aware of discussions regarding a possible season 2 but that he was not a part of those discussions.

“I know there’s been talk, but I’m not at those high-level ideas,” the actor stated. “There’s been definitely a conversation, but the world is a strange place right now with the strike and momentum and not knowing what’s a certain metric for success. And then truly, Rose and Seth are A-list movie stars. It depends on them and if they want to do it again too, but I know that a lot of people involved have lightly suggested that there’s a possibility for a season two.”

What can be expected from Platonic Season 2?

Obviously, the answer hinges on how Season 1 concludes. If the program is a huge experiment regarding whether Sylvia and Will’s relationship is genuinely platonic, it may finish with a sexual or romantic cliffhanger. Season 2 was going to handle the consequences. It might be about introducing one of the other protagonists to a new platonic buddy or a new love interest for Will. Or, perhaps, everything will be alright. Perhaps the second season will feature more lighthearted pranks and adventures shared by two platonic pals. Worse things have happened!

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Who might be cast for Platonic Season 2?

Considering how fans are absolutely hooked with Season 1’s cast, here’s hoping that they will return for the next season as well.

  • Rose Byrne as Sylvia
  • Seth Rogen as Will
  • Luke Macfarlane as Charlie
  • Tre Hale as Andy
  • Andrew Lopez as Reggie
  • Carla Gallo as Katie
  • Recurring
  • Alisha Wainwright as Audrey
  • Vinny Thomas as Omar
  • Francesca Delbanco
  • Guy Branum as Stewart
  • Janet Varney as Vanessa
  • Emily Kimball as Peyton
Platonic Season 2: Is it renewed or cancelled?
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Where to watch Platonic Season 2?

Platonic Season 1 is available for streaming on Apple TV+. If the show gets a greenlight for Season 2. it will most probably be available on the same platform.

Platonic Season 2 trailer

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official trailer posted for Platonic season 2 yet.