Is the K-drama ‘Reborn Rich’ available for streaming on Netflix?

Is the K-drama ‘Reborn Rich” avalaible for streaming on Netflix?
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On the verge of becoming the highest-rated cable television series in South Korean history, the jTBC K-drama Reborn Rich is written by the screenwriter Kim Tae Hee and directed by Jeong Dae Yun. Adapted from the web novel Youngest Son of a Conglomerate written by San Gyung, the official synopsis of the drama is as follows:

“Yoon Hyun Woo is a devoted, hard-working, and loyal secretary to the Jin family, which runs the lucrative Sunyang Group business empire. But one day, he is ruthlessly betrayed by the family, who frames him for embezzlement. He dies shortly after – but is miraculously brought “back to life” when he wakes up inside the body of the youngest male member of the family – Jin Do Joo. After he realizes what has happened, he decides to take revenge. He hatches a plan to overthrow Jin Yang Chul, the cold-blooded and money-hungry CEO of Sunyang Group. Yoon Hyun Wo plots to use his new “identity” to formulate a hostile takeover of the group – and punish the people who killed him. But what role will be played in all this by a dogged public prosecutor named Seo Min Young, an anti-corruption investigator who becomes known as the “Sunyang Group Grim Reaper?”

Being almost the highest-rated cable television series, can you stream it on Netflix? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Reborn Rich | TEASER 3 | Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min

Is Reborn Rich available for streaming on Netflix?

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Unfortunately, no! At the time of writing, the only country where Reborn Rich is available for streaming in South Korea. The episodes of the series are available for streaming on a weekly basis. You would also need a VPN to access the South Korean library for streaming the episodes. If you’re living outside of South Korea, you would be required to subscribe to Viu or Viki in order to watch Reborn Rich.

Will Reborn Rich be available for streaming on Netflix US in future?

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According to What’s on Netflix:

“It takes a significant amount of time, but there is a chance that Reborn Rich will make its way to Netflix US eventually.”

For instance, SKY Castle was first broadcast in South Korea on November 23rd, 2018, with its season finale airing on the network on February 1st, 2019. The series was added to the Netflix US library after three years on March 1st, 2022. So, if Reborn Rich is fated to follow suit, it will only arrive on Netflix US in 2025. However, Netflix is facing significant competition for gaining streaming rights of Reborn Rich from Disney +, which has started to build its own k-drama library.

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