Is starting your day with beer a good idea? Find out


Did you know that booze at breakfast is seen as a perfect way of starting the day in many parts of the world? Yes, that’s right. In fact, many people consider it good to have a beer before noon. Now, the question that arises here is whether starting your day with beer is a good idea. While no one will support swapping your morning cup of coffee or tea with beer or a pre-work Martini, a few people use justifications to support your right to belly up during the wee hours of the morning.

Here are a few occasions on which starting your day with a beer may sound like a good option.



If you have jetted off for a vacation, there is nothing wrong with cracking a beer open in the morning when you have your relaxation mode on. Most people get hardly 1-2 weeks a year to go for actual vacations. So, having a can of beer with breakfast doesn’t seem wrong on these precious ‘real’ vacation days.


You must remember the fact first that holidays and vacations are two different things. However, you can always have the flexibility of having that A.M beer of yours ahead of noon. There is another thing that can be added here – you will not find anything relaxing about holidays. You will have a lot of pressure during this time including preparing a meal for the guests, making the house ready for the evening party, etc. So, you can use this as an excuse for your morning lager as well.

Game Day Food

You will always find relief in a can or bottle of beer while warming up for the much-awaited Sunday game. Moreover, a pint of beer will prove to be the perfect companion for the game day food items like cold cuts, hot wings, pizzas, etc.

Night Shift


Folks who have just gotten off from their graveyard shift are the ones who you may encounter if you visit a proper dive bar in your town. Well, people working the night shifts are the ones who have the best excuses for having a beer as early in the wee morning hours.

Brew Day

Nothing special happens on a brew day unless you decide to start the day with homebrew itself. People involved in the field of homebrewing have a habit of dragging down the equipment, sterilizing them, and setting them up later to tear them down again, clean them, and store them the entire day. So, they resort to some early morning booze to relieve themselves from the monotonous activity of cleaning and equipment maintenance.

No matter what other people say, you must have one thing in mind which is to drink in moderation as a part of a healthy diet. Talking about beer, studies often depict it as nutritious compared to other alcoholic drinks. However, the benefits of alcohol consumption are not endorsed by physicians and we, of all, should never embrace them in our lives as well.