Is Ted 2 on Netflix?

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Ted 2 is a comedy film that was released in 2015 and it serves as a sequel to the popular and hit 2012 movie “Ted”. Both movies are directed by Seth MacFarlane, who is widely known for creating the animated TV series, “Family Guy”. This movie also marks his directorial debut in live-action movies. the movie features Mark Wahlberg in the leading role and Seth MacFarlane as the voice of the title character, Ted.

The story revolves around John Bennett played by Mark Wahlberg, who as a young boy wished for his teddy bear to come to life and quite magically enough his teddy bear actually starts talking and becomes his companion. Ted becomes his best friend but as John gets older he fails to maintain a balance between keeping his friendship intact with Ted and serving the responsibilities of adulthood.

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Ted instantly became a huge box-office success after its release because of its humor, pop-culture references, and outrageous situations along the way. Fans from all over the world loved the movie for its proper comic timing, wit, and humor, and especially the chemistry between the two characters Ted and John. The film’s huge success led to the release of its sequel Ted 2 in 2015.

Ted 2. Just like Ted, also features the adorable friendship between John and Ted and the ups and downs of real life. Both of the movies witnessed huge box-office success and have gained a very grand fan base. So fans must be wondering whether the movie Ted 2 is available on Netflix or not.

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Is Ted 2 available on Netflix?

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The first movie of the Franchise Ted is available on Netflix has Marl Wahlberg and Mila Kunis as the lead characters and was released in 2012, But unfortunately, Ted 2 is not available to stream on Netflix. But if ever, Netflix decides to include this in its huge library of movies, we would inform you about it.

What is Ted 2 about?

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John gets married to his girlfriend Tami-Lynn played by Jessica Birth in Ted 2. They both are happily married and decide to welcome a baby into their lives. Eventually, the storyline reaches a position where they have to face a courtroom battle. The government does not consider Ted to be a person since he’s a teddy bear and not a human being rather considers him to be property. To get rid of this trouble, Ted and John go to a young Lawyer named Samantha Jackson, Played by Amanda Seyfried, to seek her help. She helps them to prove Ted’s personhood in court.

How did the audience receive Ted 2?

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The movie follows the journey of the two best friends as they face various challenges, including courtroom battles, hilarious mishaps, and encounters with interesting and engaging characters. The film is a combination of raunchy humor and heartwarming moments as it explores themes of friendship, identity, and acceptance. So quite obviously it instantly became of fan favorite. All though for some fans it was not as good as the first movie. Also, the absence of Mila Kunis was criticized by many. Ted 2 received mixed reviews from critics but was a commercial success, grossing over $215 million worldwide. It continues to feature the same irreverent and R-rated humor as its predecessor, making it a choice for fans of adult-oriented comedies.

Where can we watch Ted 2?

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As of May 2023, the movie Ted 2 is not available to stream for free on major platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu, Peacock, HBO Max, etc. which is really heartbreaking for the fans. But it can be purchased or rented from platforms like Youtube, Prime Video, Apple TV+, etc.

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