Is The Bad Seed Returns on Netflix?

The Bad Seed Returns
Credits: Lifetime

Will The Bad Seed Returns release on Netflix? Read on to find out.

With so much content coming out each and every day for the viewers to watch, the list of genres has increased considerably and each of them has its own set of following. One of such genres is psychological horror. With shows like Stranger Things, Dark, etc., the genre has made itself quite a fan following.

One worthwhile addition to the horror library would be McKenna Grace’s The Bad Seed Returns, the sequel of 2018’s The Bad Seed, which according to us had one of the most disturbing storylines and visuals. The first movie introduced us to Emma Grossman, a school student whose father believed that she has a connection to her classmate’s death. We won’t give you the spoilers of it in case you haven’t watched the series, but trust us when we say it is terrifying and leave us biting our nails.

The Bad Seed Returns

As the release of The Bad Seed Returns comes closer, fans have been speculating whether it will head to Netflix or not. Here’s everything we know about The Bad Seed Returns and its streaming:

Is The Bad Seed Returns available on Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Bad Seed Returns is nowhere coming on Netflix and seems like it might never will. What’s for sure is that as of now, we can’t see Emma Grossman and her sinister acts on the streaming platform.

The Bad Seed Returns Release Date

The Bad Seed Returns was originally scheduled for release on Lifetime on May 30, 2022. However, the tragic shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, resulted in the delay in the said horror drama’s release. As of now, no new release date has been revealed for the title. 

The Bad Seed Returns

Where is The Bad Seed Returns available to stream?

The show was originally scheduled for a release on Lifetime but due to the Texas tragedy, it wasn’t released on the scheduled date. So whenever it does, we expect it to hit Lifetime itself. For now, it is nowhere available for streaming.

Is there a trailer for Bad Seed Returns?

The trailer of The Bad Seed Returns has been released and it is as horrifying as it can be. When looking at Emma Grossman, things that strike the viewers are the cute hairstyles, maybe a nice personality, and a timid girl who might be caring about everyone. No one can ever think that behind that timid demeanor is a psychopath that has the ability to do any and everything to everyone, including stabbing them, drowning them, or making them drink some actual unhealthy amount of crushed drugs.

To know what’s in the future for a girl so dangerous, check The Bad Seed Returns out whenever it does release. Till then, take a look at the trailer:

THE BAD SEED RETURNS Trailer (2022) Mckenna Grace Lifetime Thriller

What is The Bad Seed Returns all about?

The sequel to The Bad Seed follows the aftermath of David getting shot while he was trying to kill his own daughter due to her murderous instincts. Emma now lives with her aunt Angela and she has grown with time, just not out of his murderous ways. She is still into horrifying things and does horrifying acts but no one seems to know anything about that. But what will happen when someone gets to know about her? Will she go on a killing spree in order to hide her secrets or will there be even the slightest chance that she’ll mend her ways?

Who is going to be in The Bad Seed Returns?

  • Mckenna Grace as Emma Grossman. She has a tendency to murder anyone who crosses her.
  • Michelle Morgan as Angela Grossman. She is the aunt of Emma and a known psychiatrist who got her custody after the death of David. She was previously portrayed by Cara Buono in the last film.
  • Ella Dixon
  • Benjamin Ayres
  • Patty McCormack

Will there be any more parts of The Bad Seed?

As of now, there has been no information regarding any more parts of the film series. If one ever came into being, it would be renewed only after the second part gets on air.