Is The Good Doctor on Netflix US?

The Good Doctor
Credits: ABC

Is The Good Doctor available on Netflix? Find out.

Medical drama isn’t a new trope to be worked with. The key points of the plot are generally very similar, a hospital, a bunch of surgeons and surgical residents, and their personal and professional journeys while sailing through emotions and feelings like care, love, professionalism, wins, defeats, etc. The genre became mainstream with the release of Shondaland’s Grey’s Anatomy and has since given the creators a chance to bring out their stories in their own ways.

But every trope and genre needs something distinctive that stands out from the others, and The Good Doctor is that one show which actually stands out and for good reasons. The series takes a chance to address the issue of autism and how it shouldn’t be a criterion to stop someone from achieving their dreams. The series is well known around the globe and hence, is the viewership, which makes people question whether it’s available on Netflix US or not.

The Good Doctor

Is The Good Doctor on Netflix US?

Unfortunately, the critically acclaimed medical drama, The Good Doctor is not available for streaming on Netflix US.

Why is The Good Doctor not on Netflix US?

The original network of The Good Doctor is ABC, which is owned by Disney in the United States. Disney holds a partial stake in Hulu so most of their shows automatically fall into Hulu’s library. Although Netflix has picked up multiple Disney titles in the past year based on arrangements and contracts, The Good Doctor is clearly not on that list.

The Good Doctor

How many seasons are there in The Good Doctor?

The Good Doctor has five seasons in total, the fifth of which has recently wrapped up airing.

The Good Doctor Season 1 Trailer

If you haven’t watched the series yet, here is the first trailer of the series which gives a proper insight and sheds light on what to expect from the series. Do check the trailer out:

The Good Doctor Plot

The series follows Dr. Shaun Murphy, a surgeon who is diagnosed with autism as well as savant syndrome. He struggles to communicate properly with people and fails to understand abstract concepts like sarcasm, yet excels in ways that exceed normal human intelligence. He is originally from the small city of Casper, Wyoming, where he had a troubled childhood. He later moves to San Jose, California, and starts off as a surgical resident in San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

The Good Doctor Cast

  • Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy. He is a surgical resident who is diagnosed with autism. However, along with his diagnosis, he also possesses what one can call eidetic memory. His hiring created two factions in the hospital board.
  • Antonia Thomas as Dr. Claire Browne. She is a surgical resident and a close friend of Shaun. She is known for her calm and composed nature. She has always been very patient with Shaun no matter what the difficulty is.
  • Hill Harper as Dr. Marcus Andrews. He is an attending surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery. He is dyslexic which is revealed quite later in the series. He has worked in the positions like Chief of Surgery, hospital president, etc.
  • Richard Schiff as Dr. Aaron Glassman. He is the President of the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital and a former attending neurosurgeon. He has been a mentor and good friend of Shaun since he was a teen.

The Good Doctor

  • Will Yun Lee as Dr. Alex Park. He is a police officer turned surgical resident from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Fiona Gubelmann as Dr. Morgan Reznick. She is one of the surgical residents who have a kind of rivalry with Claire.
  • Christina Chang as Dr. Audrey Lim. She is an attending trauma surgeon in charge of the ER and surgical residents.
  • Paige Spara as Lea Dilallo-Murphy. She is Shaun’s love interest. The two met at Shaun’s apartment building and know each other since the very start.
  • Bria Samoné Henderson as Dr. Jordan Allen. He is another one of the new surgical residents who has worked under both Shaun and Claire.
  • Noah Galvin as Dr. Asher Wolke. Asher is one of the new surgical residents and has an interest in neurology. He has worked subordinate to Shaun and Claire.
  • Osvaldo Benavides as Dr. Mateo Rendón Osma. He is a Mexican American surgeon who came to the US after the team met him in Guatemala.

Where to watch The Good Doctor?

All the seasons of The Good Doctor are available for streaming on Hulu.