Is Timothée Chalamet feeling ‘less comfortable’ with his romance with Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner Timothee Chalamet
Credits: Kylie Jenner/Instagram, Timothee Chalamet/Instagram

Timothée Chalamet seems to be unable to adjust to romance with Kylie Jenner. If reports are to be believed, the alleged Kardashian “circus” does not seem to match his normal lifestyle. Judi James talked about Chalamet’s body language during all public appearances. The former told The Sun that the Wonka star looks a bit “uncomfortable” in his romance with Jenner.

Yet, she also went on to assert that Chalamet and Jenner’s relationship seems genuine. He looks like a man who has hopped into what seems to be a speeding roundabout mid-ride. According to her, neither does Timothée’s normal lifestyle nor does his personal brand seem like a match to the Kardashian circus.

The Recent Statements on Chalamet

According to James, there were several non-verbal cues or clues. They suggested that Chalamet might like to take things more at his own pace. In other words, the Oscar-winning actor may want a little more privacy with Kylie. James further talked about Kylie’s body language which indicated confidence and sophistication as opposed to Timothee’s boyish charm.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder’s gestures reportedly make her look dominant in this relationship. On the other hand, Timothée Chalamet looks like he is going along for the ride, but is uncomfortable about all the reality feel in some of their PDAs. In other words, he looks a little less experienced and less comfortable but more authentic when it comes to publicly displaying his relationship with Kylie Jenner.

The Relationship Timeline

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet kept their respective fans guessing for months before the duo made their first public appearance together. The reality TV star and the Wonka actor were first linked romantically in April 2023. Yet, the speculations were rife until they were spotted kissing at Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. This happened in early September when they finally made their public debut.

Talking about Kylie Jenner, the reality star previously dated rapper Travis Scott for almost six years. For the unversed, they went their separate ways in January 2023. The two of them also share two children together: daughter Stormi and son Aire. Talking about Timothee Chalamet, he has a high-profile dating history of his own. He was earlier also linked to Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon and later to actress Lily-Rose Depp.