Is Tiny Beautiful Things on Netflix?

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Credit: Netflix

Kathryn Hahn is making a comeback to our screens with a straight-out-of-the-oven television show this week (and no, it isn’t Agatha: Coven of Chaos, at least, not yet). Based on the best-selling book by Cheryl Strayed, Kathryn Hahn stars in a limited series Tiny Beautiful Things. With Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern as executive producers on the show, you know it’s bound to be good.

The series will be taken from Little Fires Everywhere EP Liz Tigelaar. Strayed’s previous work, Wild, was also adapted by Witherspoon in a 2014 movie, which helped Dern and Witherspoon get nominated for Academy Awards.

In Tiny Beautiful Things, Hahn plays a striving writer named Clare. Clare’s home life doesn’t make it any easier for her, with her marriage already hanging by the threads and her teen daughter Rae keeping her at some distance. When a professional acquaintance of hers asks her to take over as advice columnist, “Dear Sugar,” Clare is anxious, but as she starts helping her readers, Clare starts finding herself once again.

Is Tiny Beautiful Things on Netflix?

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Credit: Netflix

Netflix is an acting home for Kathryn Han’s works, like the touching movie Private Life co-starring Paul Giamatti and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, so we understand why you might hope her newest project, Tiny Beautiful Things, to be streamed on the platform. However, the new series is not a Netflix title and will not be available on the platform.

Tiny Beautiful Things Plot:

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Credit: Netflix

Based on the best-selling book by Cheryl Strayed Tiny Beautiful Things, who is also the author of the pretty popular memoir Wild. The adaptation of Tiny Beautiful Things tells us the story of Clare (played by Kathryn Hahn), a struggling writer who becomes a respected advice columnist while her own life is in tatters.

“We knew Clare isn’t going to be [me exactly], but many of her experiences had to be mine,” Strayed stated at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in January, as per Glamour. Clare’s marriage is on the edge of falling when we first meet her, her marriage to her husband, Danny (Quentin Plair), is somehow going on.

Meanwhile, her teenage daughter, Rae (Tanzyn Crawford), is keeping her at an arm’s length, and her up-and-coming writing career doesn’t seem to be going in any direction. So when her old acquaintance asks her to take up the role of an advice columnist for Dear Sugar, she thinks the plan is absolutely beyond possibility. Obviously, over a period of time, she gives in and is able to discover and internalize her most focal moments from her childhood days to the present day. As the voice of Sugar, Clare is able to convey to her readers that none is too damaged to flourish in life.

Tiny Beautiful Things release date:

For viewers in the UK, Canada and Australia it will release on April 7, Friday, 2023 on Disney Plus (the same date it premieres on Hulu for our American friends, meaning we won’t have to wait much longer to catch up). The show will come with eight 30-minute episodes, which will drop all at once.

Tiny Beautiful Things cast:

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Credit: Netflix

The full cast list for Tiny Beautiful Things is as follows.
● Kathryn Hahn as Clare
● Sarah Pidgeon as young Clare
● Quentin Plair as Danny
● Tanzyn Crawford as Rae
● Merritt Wever as Frankie
● Owen Painter
● Elizabeth Hinkler
● Michaela Watkins
● Aneasa Yacoub
● Johnny Berchtold

Hahn obviously leads the cast as Clare, our disrupted protagonist whose life and personal relationships are hanging by the thread and who takes up the responsibility of becoming the advice columnist. The younger self of Clare is played by Sarah Pidgeon.