Is Walker: Independence Season 2 canceled?

Walker Independence: Is it premiering in October 2022?
Credit: The CW

What happens when you are on a romantic escapade with your partner, and he is murdered brutally in front of your eyes? Do you avenge his death, or do you run for your life? Texas is known for various reasons, from the liberating grasslands to the tropical weather. Unlike other parts of the state, it is also the crime capital. A place where movies like Chainsaw Massacre have been shot proves how location and backdrop are as important as the plot itself.

What happens when, after such a traumatic incident, no one seems trustworthy, and all have their own secrets? Walker: Independence season one was a groundbreaker in the genre of thrillers and is a prequel to the television series Walker. But seeing the fame the series is getting, can it be renewed, or is Walker: Independence season 2 already canceled? Let’s find out.

Is Walker: Independence Season 2 canceled?

Walker 3
Credits: THE CW

Yes and a no. Yes, because the show is no longer under the CW network and is officially out of the 2022-2023 lineup as well as the upcoming shows on the network. Though there are hopes of renewal, the executive producer Padalecki suggests, “The book’s not closed Independence just yet,” he said to TV Insider.

“It wasn’t canceled 100 percent of the platforms that wanna air it. It’s just not gonna air on CW next year. And so we now are able to go and see if there’s another network or streaming service that would like to keep it going. Because I’m thinking, it’s a great show, great cast, great writers…I am keeping my fingers crossed.”

Are there any alternatives for reviving Walker: Independence Season 2?

Walker 2
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Yes. The show is looking at options to collaborate with other networks to proceed with the show so that it can return for a new season and convert into a spin-off and not just remain a prequel. This is because CW Network got rid of many prequel shows this year, and the makers still want to continue due to the love the show received.

Expected plot of  Walker: Independence Season 2:

Walker Season 4 is not coming in June 2023
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The first season follows the journey of a wife in the 19th century whose husband is killed when they are out on a journey to the West. Was it because he was a headstrong Bostonian? We never know. When she reaches Texas, she meets eccentric and estranged people hiding their own secrets. That is when she runs into a rogue and con artist named Hoyt Rawlins, who tags along with her. What happens when they discover about their past relations? Do they find the murderer? Is the town of Texas actually peaceful? The show would tie all loose ends and continue the plot from there by focusing on all the minor characters on their way.

Walker: Independence Season 2 Expected Cast:

Walker Season 3 is not coming in December 2022
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With 13 episodes of around 60 minutes each, the show was created by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Anna Fricke. It has an IMDb rating on 6.9/10 and a Tomatometer score of 71%. If the cast returns, we can see;

  • Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker
  • Matt Barr as Hoyt
  • Katie Findlay as Kate
  • Justin Johnson as Calian

Expected Release Date of Walker: Independence Season 2:

Walker Independence: Is it premiering in October 2022?
PC: CW Network

If the show is renewed, we can see it after Walker comes out on television, as only then can the makers decide whether the show should be a prequel, sequel, or spin-off. So, nothing can be expected by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

Where to watch Walker: Independence Season 1?

Walker Season 3 is not coming in December 2022
PC: CW Network

The show can be streamed on;

  • CW Network
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Google Play
  • Vudu