J-Hope takes on new role as assistant training instructor during military service

BTS J-Hope
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BTS member J-Hope, currently fulfilling his mandatory military service in South Korea, recently received a promotion as an assistant training instructor. This update has brought excitement and pride to both BTS fans and military personnel. Let’s delve into the details of J-Hope’s military journey and his new role as an assistant instructor.

Enlistment and Basic Training Completion

J-Hope enlisted in the military on April 18, joining the ranks of able-bodied male citizens fulfilling their mandatory service requirement. After completing five weeks of basic training, J-Hope graduated with a completion ceremony, sharing photos on his social media accounts to update fans.

Appointment as Assistant Training Instructor

Following his training period, J-Hope was appointed as an assistant training instructor in the 36th Infantry Division’s recruit training center. Military officials confirmed the news on May 31, stating that J-Hope would carry out teaching assistant duties after passing the required qualification certification evaluation.

Response from BIGHIT MUSIC

BIGHIT MUSIC, the agency representing BTS, responded to reports of J-Hope’s promotion, acknowledging the news but expressing the difficulty in confirming the specific details. Despite the challenges of obtaining official confirmation, BIGHIT MUSIC encourages fans to understand and support J-Hope during his military service.

Future Discharge Date and BTS FESTA


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J-Hope is expected to complete his active duty service on October 17, 2024, after serving for a period of 18 months. Enlistment of Jin: Jin, another BTS member, enlisted in December 2022 and has already been promoted to Private First Class. He previously served as a trainee and assistant teaching instructor. Fans have noticed hints of J-Hope and Jin’s involvement in SUGA’s drinking chat show, ‘Suchwita,’ with expectations of their episodes being released soon. These episodes were likely recorded prior to their enlistments.


As J-Hope embarks on his military service, his promotion to assistant training instructor is a significant achievement. While official confirmation may be challenging, the support and excitement from fans and the acknowledgment by military officials highlight the pride and admiration surrounding BTS members and their dedication to fulfilling their national duties. As fans eagerly anticipate J-Hope’s future activities and eventual discharge, his commitment serves as an inspiration, further strengthening the bond between BTS and their devoted fanbase.