James Brolin, 83, has no plans of retiring after wrapping up Sweet Tooth Season 3

James Brolin has no plans of retiring after wrapping up ‘Sweet Tooth’ Season 3
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James Brolin is showing no signs of slowing down his acting career! 

When most of the well-known actors plan to retire at the age of 83, James Brolin is turning out to be a completely different beast. After wrapping up his role as the narrator in the third and final season of “Sweet Tooth,” he is eagerly looking to take on new projects. His first stop being Netflix’s “Ransom Canyon” in which he will star alongside Josh Duhamel and Minka Kelly.

As per Brolin, the project has been described as the next “Yellowstone” but with “real Texan stuff.”

Brolin’s passion for his craft has not died down even after spending six decades in the field, as he is excited to know what the future holds. While exclusively speaking to PEOPLE, Brolin shared, “After all these years, I feel like what’s really exciting is your next idea.” 

He continued, “Film is like the old bread. It’s half price the next day. It’s what’s next that’s exciting.” Even after all these years, he loves being on a set.

“I call my wife quality and I’m quantity,” he said about his multi-talented wife Barbra Streisand, who he’s been married to for the last 25 years! “She’s done 19 movies, and I’ve done 97 movies alone and 600 hours of television.”


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“I don’t plan on stopping work at any time,” Brolin reiterated during the interview.”I tell everybody, ‘You’re invited to my 110th birthday. Don’t be late.'”

He also shared his experience while working as the narrator in “Sweet Tooth” which he considers his big break. “I had done probably 40 sample voice auditions and never got one,” Brolin reveals about the job he got due to his good friends Susan and Robert Downey Jr., who executive produced the project, and suggested his name to the creatives.

“It was Robert Downey and Susan said, ‘We want Jim,'” Brolin explains. “I had lunch with him one day and within several weeks they called and said, ‘We want Jim only. Make a deal with him, Warner Brothers. Make a deal with him, Netflix.'” Elaborating on why he accepted the role, he added, “I thought that everything they seem to put their hands on has a really good chance.”

In the final season of “Sweet Tooth” Season 3, Gus and his friends embark on a harrowing journey in hopes of curing the Sick — and finally discovering the truth about hybrids. It will be an Arctic story hoping to reach a satisfying conclusion to this epic tale with Gus going to see a side of the world and humanity that he didn’t see in the first two seasons. 

Watch the official trailer below: 

Sweet Tooth | Final Season Official Trailer | Netflix

“Sweet Tooth” Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, June 6, 2024 on Netflix.