Jenna Bush Hager reveals her 4-year-old son Hal still sleeps in crib

“It's Normal, Right?”: Jenna Bush Hager reveals her 4-year-old son Hal still sleeps in crib
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Looks like Jenna Bush Hager’s four-year-old son Hal is not ready to leave his crib quite yet!

In Thursday’s episode of Today with Hoda & Jenna, the beloved news personality Jenna Bush Hager, 41, who is the daughter of the 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, recently opened up with her co-host Hoda Kotb about a heartwarming parenting revelation that has captured the attention of many viewers worldwide!

In a candid conversation, she revealed that in spite of the belief held by some that he is too old to do so, her adorable 4-year-old son, Hal, still finds comfort in his crib at night. If you’re wondering where this topic came from, it was the moment when Bush Hager and co-host Hoda Kotb were talking about how organized their kids after discussing the pristine condition of David Beckham’s closet, which they saw in Netflix’s new docuseries Beckham.

After watching the series, Kotb and Bush Hager started complimenting their children’s organization, which somehow led the conversation to move in another direction and prompted Hager to admit her youngest child is “still in his crib.” If you want to check out the interview, then take a look at America’s feel-good morning show today with Hoda and Jenna’s official YouTube channel below:

Jenna says 4-year-old son Hal doesn't want to move out of his crib

After making this confession, she asked, “At some point, do I need to move him out?” 

As the renowned news personality made this revelation, Kotb asked, “How old is he?” to which Bush Hager shared, “4.” This acknowledgment of her son’s age has sparked a fascinating discussion among viewers about the different ways children find solace and security as they navigate their early years, which is quite interesting to discuss as it can be helpful for any new parents.

Even though many people on the set and even behind the camera lens might have raised their eyebrows, it’s good to see how Jenna was open about her son’s attachment to his crib. This confession on one of the biggest American daytime television talk shows on NBC has brought a sense of relief to many parents around the world who may have been worried about their own child’s attachment to certain objects or habits, which is quite natural to happen.

As the episode progressed, Kotb began stating, “Okay but being 4 and in a crib…” After seeing her reaction, Bush Hager asked the audience, “Okay but y’all, it’s normal right?” to which they responded with clear NO! To this, she joked and referred to the viewers at home, “What! I wasn’t even asking you! I was asking them.” Further adding, “It’s normal to have a 4-year-old, your last child, nicely in his crib where he feels safe, right?” “But how does he get up to go to the bathroom?” Kotb questioned.

“He doesn’t need to,” Bush Hager replied. 

“But if he ever had an accident, then it happens in his crib.” Bush Hager, who is mom to kids Poppy, 8, Mila, 10, and Hal, who she shares with husband Henry Hager, 45, shared with her co-host. 

To this admission, Kotb asked, “Okay, but he likes it? Did you ask him if he wants out?” Bush Hager shared, “Yeah, I’m ready to move him but he’s not wanting to.” Further adding, “I said, ‘Do you want to maybe move…maybe let’s try to talk about maybe moving you next week to your bed.’ And he said, ‘Not this Cwistmas but next Cwistmas,'” Bush Hager continued, imitating her son’s baby voice. “He wants to be a kindergartner in his crib.”

“Anyway. To each their own,” Bush Hager concluded as Kotb laughed and concluded the conversation. 


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