Jennie Garth receives ‘invoice’ from husband Dave Abrams for ‘doing work around the house’

Jennie Garth
Credits: Jennie Garth/Instagram

Jennie Garth’s husband, Dave Abrams, is playfully ensuring equality in their responsibilities. The Beverly Hills, 90210 star, 51, shared a lighthearted moment on her Instagram Story, revealing that Abrams had penned a hilarious “invoice” for his household chores.

The note, humorously titled “Invoice,” detailed Abrams’ plans to go golfing from 1 to 4:45, with an anticipated return around 5. The cost? A simple “have fun, I love you,” signed off by Abrams. Garth, amused by the gesture, captioned the Instagram story “My hubby invoiced me for doing work around the house” alongside a laughing-while-crying emoji.

Jennie Garth

Garth’s husband has been making delightful appearances on her Instagram lately, showcasing their moments of joy. In October, she shared a carousel of images, playfully referring to him as a “Kelly Taylor Barbie doll” among other snapshots from her recent adventures.

One photo captured a cozy “football night at home,” featuring Abrams lounging on a couch with their dog nestled in a fluffy blanket nearby. Another image depicted her husband enjoying a well-deserved break on an outdoor deck, described by Garth as “a much-needed day away.”

Earlier that same month, the actress celebrated the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory against the Washington Commanders with a mirror selfie of the couple donning matching team sweatshirts. In the caption, she noted, “In honor of the nail-biter game today, we took a mirror selfie. 4-0 #flyeaglesfly.”


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Garth talks about her arthritis diagnosis

In March of this year, Garth shared with People that her arthritis diagnosis five years ago prompted her to become more physically active, stating, “It spurred me into being more physically active and working with a trainer.”

Dealing with the most common form of arthritis involving cartilage breakdown in joints, she primarily faces discomfort in her wrists and knees, concentrating her workout efforts on these areas. “I just keep working those joints out, I keep using those joints so that there’s no sedentary time for the arthritis to creep in anywhere I don’t want it,” she added.

Even taking up golf as a hobby alongside her husband, she acknowledged occasional challenges, especially in her wrists. “There’s some wrist stuff that I feel that annoys me when I feel it because I’m like, ‘Oh no, this is going to mess with my golf swing,'” she explained. “Because I have little feelings in my hands, my wrists, my knuckles, those areas, so opening jars [is difficult]. I just hand it to somebody else now and don’t even worry about it. ‘Can you open this for me? Great. Thanks,’ ” Garth continued.