Jennifer Garner says she’d prefer staying in her ‘old lady body’ than switching bodies with her kids

Jennifer Garner
Credits: Jennifer Garner/Instagram

In a recent interview to promote her film “Family Switch”, Jennifer Garner expressed that she has no interest in revisiting her teenage years. During the discussion, Garner and her co-star Ed Helms playfully teased the movie’s central premise, which revolves around parents switching bodies with their kids.


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Jennifer Garner expressed interest in switching bodies with Ed Helms’ kids

When asked would the actors switch bodies with their own children if they could, Garner replied with humour, saying, “I’d want to switch places with Ed’s kids. I want to be that little one who has a crazy look in her eyes running around in a diaper. Break out the paint and the glitter and go ham on the house.” 

Helms, 49, who is notably private about his wife or kids’ names, resonated with Garner’s sentiment, stating, “Yeah, my kids are ridiculously cute and insane. The first thing I would do is eat a ton of junk food because that’s what they can do. They’re these little furnaces. You can just put anything in there, and it churns up. So I would eat cookies, ice cream, cake, cupcakes—all of it. Pizza all day long.”

‘I’ll stay right here in my old lady body’

Garner, in good spirits, dismissed any longing to revisit her youth, stating, “You know what? I think my kids work so hard, and they have so much pressure on them that I could never even have imagined as a teenager myself. I’ll stay right here in my old lady body, thank you very much.”