Jessica Alba recalls ‘awkward phase’ of using ‘Aquanet hairspray’ and ‘colored eyeshadow’

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We all have embarrassing adolescent fashion moments that we would like to have deleted from our memory. For a star who had been photographed during that phase, it becomes difficult to wipe out such images. Additionally, they keep resurfacing like nightmares.

Via Bobbi Althoff and Alba’s interview on her podcast on Thursday, People reported that the Fantastic Four actress spilled the beans on her awkward fashion phase during the span of her career. In a TikTok video snipped from the podcast, the video begins with Althoff, 26, stating that Alba never had an awkward phase, but the actress outright denied it.

Thereafter, the host said, “If I showed you pictures of me when I’m saying awkward, you would be like — you would look at me differently,” and suggested that the co-founder of Honest had the privilege of missing out on a normal person’s awkward phase.

However, Alba quickly responded by saying, “It’s so weird that I started using a curling iron and Aquanet hairspray at age, like, 5,” she added, “And no wonder I had so much asthma.” The 42-year-old actress admitted that she was “doing too much, too young,” while recalling her “colorful eyeshadow phase,” while also remembering that she attended rave parties, saying, “I went to raves, but I didn’t do drugs.”

With her rave days over, Alba is ditching the colorful shadows and opting for nude-based shadows instead.

People shared a September post where Alba, the mother of three, and her daughter Haven Garner, 12, getting glammed up to support Alba’s nephew at a school football game. It was a transitional video where the mother-daughter duo showed up bare-faced in front of the camera, and a hand swipe showed them decked up for the event. The September 10th post was captioned, “So proud of my nephew #Carter for taking home the W last night 🏈👏🏽🥳 #goBearcats #BonitaFootball.”


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In 2021, Alba shared in an interview with People, “I always want my kids to have their feet on the ground and never to take anything for granted,” and in September 2023, Alba told People that she and her kids have a “really healthy relationship and unconditional love for one another,” adding, “I’m always going to be there for them.”