Jimin’s memorable birthday celebration with BTS wins hearts

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Credits: Instagram

BTS member Jimin marked his 28th birthday with a heartwarming live broadcast on Weverse. This celebratory session was not only filled with general festivities but also featured special appearances from several of Jimin’s fellow BTS members, making it an unforgettable day for fans and the group.

Among the thoughtful gifts received by Jimin, SUGA, the group’s second-oldest member, prepared a unique cake. The cake featured mini hotteok stacked together and was adorned with candles spelling “HAPPY.” Interestingly, SUGA decided to omit “BIRTHDAY” from the candles, fearing that Jimin might find the longer English word challenging to read. This whimsical touch added a personalized charm to the celebration.

V’s Heartfelt Wishes

Known as Jimin’s soulmate by fans, V extended heartfelt birthday wishes. He shared a fan-made illustration of Jimin as an elf that he discovered on social media, forwarding it to Jimin. Additionally, V took to his Instagram to post a story with a happy birthday message for the singer, contributing to the overall jubilation.

RM’s Energetic Greetings

RM joined the live broadcast with an energetic entrance, enthusiastically wishing Jimin a happy birthday. Though his stay was brief, RM expressed his excitement and well-wishes for Jimin’s special day. He even captured moments of the birthday celebration, sharing a story on Instagram to further commemorate the event.

Jin’s Thoughtful Gift

Jimin’s mention of Jin stirred deep emotions among fans. Jimin shared that he recently met Jin and received a heartfelt birthday gift from him. Unlike previous eccentric gifts exchanged among BTS members, Jin opted for a simpler approach this year. Jimin showcased a cute mushroom-shaped keyring pouch, which Jin had thoughtfully gifted to him. To Jimin’s astonishment, Jin included some pocket money in the pouch, equivalent to two months of a corporal-ranked officer’s salary during mandatory military service (800,000 KRW or ~600 USD). Jimin expressed his gratitude for this heartwarming present, leaving fans delighted by Jin’s touching gesture.

Jungkook and J-Hope’s Special Moments

Jungkook shared his plans to wish Jimin at 10:13, a significant time known as “Jimin hour.” The time 10:13 holds symbolic meaning, with “13” representing Jimin’s birth date and “10” signifying October, his birth month. J-Hope, currently serving his mandatory military service, conveyed his birthday wishes to Jimin through a heartfelt comment on Jimin’s latest Instagram post. He affectionately referred to Jimin as “jjamaniya” and wished him a happy birthday with emojis expressing joy and warmth.

The diverse and personal ways in which each BTS member conveyed their wishes made Jimin’s birthday celebration truly special for both him and their dedicated fans.