Joe Jonas opens up about embarrassing encounter with fan while on road

Joe Jonas
Credit: Joe Jonas Instagram

Joe Jonas is spilling the tea on one of his embarrassing encounters with a fan, and it is one of the most relatable ones you will ever hear.

Gathered via reports published by People, the ‘Sucker’ singer took to Instagram on Saturday to post a video from a Jonas Brother tour stop in Minnesota, which he captioned, “Pain.” The clip began with him delving into story-time, stating the embarrassing moment, “OK, story time,” adding, “So, I was walking out of a brewery this afternoon here in Minneapolis and someone stopped and asked for a photo. We took a photo; she’s very lovely.”


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Here is where the story takes a pivotal turn when he says, “And then on the way out she said, ‘Have a good show tomorrow,’ and I said, ‘You too.’ And she might be a performer — I don’t know,” adding, “But it’s pretty much the equivalent of when you’re checking in for a flight and they’re like, ‘Have a safe flight.’ Then you’re like, ‘You too,’ and you just feel like you wanna die inside.”

The hilarious moment carried on when the fan whom he was referring to in the video commented on the post, writing, “HAHAHA Hi Joe it’s me from the street in Minneapolis, and yes, I’m (I guess somewhat of?) a performer, and yes, I do have a big game tomorrow, so thank you.” The bio on her Instagram profile does read her as a sports broadcaster for ESPN, Fox Sports, and the Big Ten Network.

Additionally, People also reports her resharing Joe’s video, where she said, “Don’t worry, we’ve all been there,” as an assurance to the embarrassed musician. A few days back this month, Jonas shared another embarrassing fan encounter on his TikTok, where a security guard from the store he visited told him he looked “crazy in person.” He recalled the incident, “I just walked into CVS and the security guy goes, ‘Oh! Joe Jonas?'” he added, “And I said, ‘Hey man, what’s going on?’ and I shook his hand and he goes, ‘Man, you look crazy in person,'”I don’t know, is that a compliment?”

People reported another ‘story time’ video he posted on Instagram on November 4th, where he said that he met actor-comedian Nathan Fielder at a Los Angeles restaurant. He recalled the story, “So last night, I noticed Nathan Fielder was at the same restaurant I was having dinner at in L.A.,” he added, “And they said, ‘You have good taste,’ which made me feel good about my loving all things Nathan Fielder.” Additionally, Fielder sent Jonas some mayonnaise, which Jonas posted, captioned, “Thank you, Nathan!!”