Joe Keery denies all rumors about Taylor Swift collab

Joe Keery denies all rumors of a Taylor Swift collab
Credits: JOE KERRY / Wikipedia TAYLOR SWIFT / Instagram

Joe Keery and Taylor Swift collab is a multiverse of madness that the fans would indubitably want to be a part of. Unfortunately, the Stranger Things star turns down the rumors that he and the “Karma” singer were collaborating on music, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

These rumors began circulating after they were spotted at the Electric Lady recording studio in New York City the same day. However, the actor did not abstain from being open to such a possibility in the future. In a conversation with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the 31-year-old actor admitted that these rumors were indeed “confusing” for him.

He said, “Well, that was a very confusing day because I was just in there with John [Rooney, a sound engineer at the recording studio], minding my own business, not doing anything, and then I walked out the door, and it was like a thousand people were standing out there. People looked at me expecting Taylor and were like, ‘Who’s this guy?’
The Fargo actor then shared that eventually, people started noticing him: “And then I walked down the block, and someone’s like, ‘Oh, that’s that guy!'”

When he was asked to confirm the rumors, the Free Guy star replied, to the fans’ dismay, that that was not the case. Be that as it may, he did not shut them down without invoking an ember of hope in the fans. He said, “Maybe [the rumor] would generate something. Maybe that experience generated something in the universe, but I don’t know.”
When it comes to releasing music, Keery always uses his stage name, Djo. THR reports that before his solo career kickstarted, he was a part of the psychedelic rock band, Post Animal.

Later, in the interview, the late 49-year-old late-night host asked about the fifth and the final season of Stranger Things and what the fans could expect from it. Keery plays the fan-favorite character Steve Harrington in Netflix’s sci-fi hit series.

Without indulging in too much information, the actor scrupulously revealed that he has read a few scripts but he is not sure of anything as of now. Fallon marked that Keery’s character gets beat up increasingly and inquired whether the fans could expect the same in the fifth season.

Again, without giving in too many details, Keery replied, “You know, we don’t know. Odds are, I would say,” as gesticulated towards that possibility.

Stranger Things season 5 will begin production in 2024.

In a conversation with WWD previously, he said, “I owe my whole career to being on that show (Stranger Things) and all the opportunities that I had since are because of that show. So it’s very convoluted. There’s a sense of relief, there’s a sense of sadness. I guess my goal is to just really soak it up as much as I can while we’re doing it, and not take any of it for granted because it’s been an amazing ride with such great people. And then once it’s done, move forward and try to just hold on to the joy that we had when we were making it.”