Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial: Everything you need to know

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial

If you are waiting for the Heard-Depp trial result, here’s everything you need to know before the case gets closed.

Hollywood is currently buzzed not by any film or scandal but by the infamous trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. For the past six weeks, the Heard-Depp defamation trial has been broadcast live and caused much stir among their fans. The entire entertainment industry has been divided into two; while one half is supporting Depp and rallying against Heard, the other half is voicing their opinions for Heard.

The entire scenario has its origin in a 2018 opinion editorial written by Amber Heard for The Washington Post. This sparked off controversies and eventually, a court trial ensued.

In this article, we would be catching up with the trial particulars as we await results.

When did it begin?

Johnny Depp was married to Amber Heard in 2015. They met on the sets of The Rum Diary in 2009 and began dating in 2012. The couple got separated in the year 2016. The divorce was filed by Heard. Eminent media houses like Variety had quoted Heard saying their relationship had irreconcilable differences. Since then allegations of sexual and domestic abuse have been made against Johnny Depp. Even though a settlement had been reached in August 2016. But the situation worsened in 2018.

Heard Depp Trial

What happened in 2018?

So far the Depp-Heard relationship front had been calm before the storm. The storm announced itself when The Washington Post published an op-ed by the name I Spoke Up Against Sexual Violence – And Faced Our Culture’s Wrath. That Has To Change, written by Amber Heard. In that article, Heard had not mentioned her ex-husband Johnny Depp but readers believed it to be Depp when she narrated death threats and the downhill path her career undertook in the wake of her divorce.

What happened next?

Johnny Depp without wasting any time filed a defamation case for 50 million dollars against Heard. Amber Heard, in turn, sued Depp for a 100 million dollars settlement. According to E! Online, Depp has commented on Heard’s indirect allegation to be ‘categorically false’. This false allegation had affected his career — he had been dropped from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and the Fantastic Beasts

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Catching up with Depp-Heard Case!

The two celebrities had been accusing each other of domestic violence. Johnny Depp has lodged a defamation case against Amber Heard in Fairfax County Circuit Court. The trial has continued for six weeks and so far allegations have flown from both teams. Now that both Depp and Heard’s team has rested their closing arguments, Jury’s decision is awaited.

So far, both Depp and Heard have denied the allegations while further accusing the other of stronger abuses. Amidst these stormy arguments, the trial has been nothing less than dramatic. While Depp’s lawyer had asked the jury to hold Ms. Heard accountable for her lies, Heard’s lawyer had downright pointed out Depp as the abuser and bully. BBC has written that ‘Friday’s arguments echoed much of the past six weeks of trial, where both sides presented warring accounts of the former couple’s five-year relationship.’ 

Depp’s lawyer Ms. Vasquez has staunchly said, “There is an abuser in this courtroom, but it is not Mr. Depp.” She has provided an audio recording in support of her contention where Ms. Heard has admitted to hitting her husband— Johnny Depp. “Mr. Depp experienced persistent verbal, physical and emotional abuse by Ms. Heard,” Ms. Vasquez adds. She, Ms. Camille Vasquez, has regarded Heard’s allegations as ‘wild, over the top and implausible’. One of the incidents that caused sparks of allegations was when Depp had his finger severed. Depp accused Heard of throwing a vodka bottle which caused this accident while Heard countered saying Depp did it to himself. 

On the other hand Heard’s lawyer, Mr. Rottenborn had asked the jury to focus on Amber’s words. He said, “It’s not about whether you think Ms. Heard may have been abusive to Mr. Depp. If you think they were both abusive to each other… then Amber wins…If Amber was abused even one time, then she wins.”

So far this is what has happened. With all the drama coming to an end as the closing arguments are presented, the jury will be coming to a unanimous decision very soon.