Johnny Depp gets into another controversy after cancelling concert last minute

Source: Instagram

Pirates of the Caribbean fame actor Johnny Depp is currently in the news but for all the wrong reasons. Yes, you heard it right. The actor made headlines a few months ago owing to his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard. Now, with all things clear, fans of Depp heaved a sigh of relief thinking he will be back on his career path soon. However, things seem to have gone the other way now.

The Cancelled Concert

Many are aware of the fact that Johnny Depp also has a band named the Hollywood Vampires. This same band sparked controversy recently as they cancelled their concert which was supposed to be held in Slovakia. The reason was reportedly cited to be illness. However, fans were left furious after having seen a few photos where Johnny Depp can be seen drinking allegedly hours after having cancelled the concert. If that was not enough, this is the fourth time that the band has cancelled a concert. This incident has left the fans skeptical with many questioning the validity of the actor’s ‘illness.’

A Question on Johnny Depp’s Health

Recently, a photo surfaced on Twitter where Johnny Depp could be seen holding what someone can make out as a red paper cup. So, that has further raised concerns about his health issues. However, no official statement has been released to validate the same. On the other hand, the actor was earlier seen walking using a crutch after having reportedly sustained an ankle injury.

The Hollywood Vampires

The Hollywood Vampires’ highly anticipated gig in Slovakia faced an unexpected setback as safety concerns emerged due to the venue’s incomplete construction. Various sources reported that the band had to make the difficult decision to cancel the event, disappointing both the band members and their dedicated fans.

In an official announcement, the Hollywood Vampires expressed their sincere disappointment with the unfortunate turn of events. This cancellation comes on the heels of a previous unfortunate incident where the band had to refund fans for a show in Budapest, Hungary, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Johnny Depp’s Health

In the midst of all this, what came under the spotlight was Depp’s past struggles with alcohol and drugs. It was already revealed in 2020 that the actor suffered from “primary dopamine imbalance, depression, chronic substance abuse disorder, and nicotine addiction.”