Julia Fox’s memoir reveals Kanye West’s control over clothing choices

julia fox
Credits: Julia Fox/Instagram

In Julia Fox’s tell-all memoir, “Down the Drain,” she provides an in-depth look at her life, from her past heroin addiction to her time as a dominatrix. Among the revelations in her book, Julia discusses her whirlwind relationship with Kanye West, referred to as “the artist” in the memoir. They dated briefly at the beginning of 2022 while Kanye was publicly trying to reconcile with his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Julia and Kanye eventually parted ways as he continued to plead with Kim through disturbing social media posts.

More on the Rapper

Julia’s memoir sheds light on Ye’s significant influence over her clothing choices. During their brief relationship, he sent her a suite full of clothes in her hotel room after just a couple of dates, a gesture that left Julia surprised and in awe. However, Julia’s memoir goes beyond these sweet surprises and claims that Kanye attempted to control her wardrobe on every occasion they spent together.

She details how he sent her skintight jumpsuits and even expressed his desire to assign a team to manage her wardrobe. On one occasion, Julia was instructed to meet a new stylist in a restaurant bathroom who presented her with various outfits to wear. These experiences left Julia feeling like a “show monkey,” with Kanye even allegedly offering to pay for her to get a boob job after seeing her model designer pieces he had approved.

Ye’s Control Over Clothing Choices

Kanye West’s attempts to control Julia’s clothing choices bear a striking resemblance to his behavior during and after his relationship with Kim Kardashian. When he started dating Kim in 2012, he criticized her style, causing her to break down in tears. In exchange for purging her closet of clothes he disliked, he promised to fill it with new items, but Kim found herself overwhelmed by the change. Throughout their relationship, Kanye continued to voice his opinions on Kim’s clothing and even flew to Paris for just 24 hours to style her after seeing paparazzi photos of her in outfits he disapproved of.

Kim Kardashian’s Wardrobe

After their split, Kanye’s influence over Kim’s wardrobe didn’t wane. He criticized her outfit choices, declared her career was “over,” and even texted her angrily about an orange leather jumpsuit. His controlling behavior left a lasting impact on Kim, and the parallels with Julia’s experiences are unsettling.

So, Julia Fox’s memoir provides a candid look into her relationship with Kanye West and his efforts to control her clothing choices. These revelations underscore the controlling nature that Kanye has displayed in his past relationships, leaving a lasting impact on those he’s been involved with.