Jungkook’s new song 3D trending on No.1 on iTunes

BTS’ Jungkook becomes a handsome vampire in the latest pictorial project
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BTS’ Jungkook is yet again trending. This time for the recently released song 3D. Fans have been looking forward to the song’s release, and it could be seen by the number of posts made about it even before the day is over. It’s now the fastest song in history to reach #1 on iTunes in more than 100 countries.

3D was released on September 29, 2023, and has already become a global hit. The groovy song is also dominating Spotify charts across the world.

3D By Jungkook

The song, 3D featuring Jack Harlowe, is sung by Jungkook, a South Korean singer with only English lyrics. The song currently has 5.2M views under 7 hours of its release on YouTube and is trending at number 5 in the Music Category.

The song has become instantly popular with fans, especially its music video, because of its catchy lyrics, cool clothing style, and Jungkook’s dancing. Jack Harlowe’s rapping is also appreciated by fans.

The cinematography of the song is unique, with Jungkook street dancing on mirror floors or ascending white stair steps. The camera angles used in the music video also add to its fascination. It is directed by Drew Kirsch, who has worked with famous artists like Taylor Swift, Shakira, Niall Horan, and Charlie Puth. He has directed music videos of songs like Lover and You Need To Calm Down, both by Taylor Swift, through which he came into the limelight for his beautiful work presentation.

jungkook new song 3d

Jeon Jungkook is now the 2nd most listened-to artist in K-Pop Soloist artists. He has also overtaken IU, another popular Korean singer and actress known for her roles in Hotel Del Luna and Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Jungkook’s Past Work

In July 2023, Jungkook released a single called ‘Seven’, featuring Latto, an American Rapper. After being released on July 14, today, the song has 232 million views with 9.1 million likes. The song Seven has two versions, one original and another one an explicit version.

Seven was Jungkook’s solo debut song released through Big Hit Music, and the love from fans all over the world made it into a success story. The song made it to Billboard No. 1 in 2023, Billboard Global Song for the Summer.

jungkook seven single

Unfortunately, later, the song was involved in a plagiarism controversy. The accusation was of the song having a similar note to another song called ‘Time of Mask’, a hit song back in 1999. Yang Joon-young, the songwriter of the song, filed a complaint of plagiarism. However, Jungkook’s agency, Big Hit Music, firmly denied the accusation immediately.

In 2022, Jungkook recorded the song ‘Stay Alive’ for a webtoon based on BTS. The webtoon, named 7Fates: Chakho, is a collaboration between BTS and Naver Webtoon. This stand-alone song was produced by another BTS member, Suga, who is currently serving in the military and will be out of his service in 2025.

jungkook charlie puth

On June 24, 2022, Jungkook was featured in a song called ‘Left and Right’ by Charlie Puth. In India, the song debuted at no. 1. The collaboration was appreciated as it is known that Jungkook likes the work of Charlie Puth. In 2016, after he had covered Puth’s song ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore’, the fans brought this to his attention. Then in 2018, they collaborated in a stage performance at the Genie Music Awards, the clips of which went viral.