Kanye West allegedly asked Kim Kardashian to ‘burn’ his things after divorce

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian is always known to be vocal about her opinions. Recently, in one of the episodes of The Kardashians, she once again spoke up about her ex-husband Kanye West. She further talked about her divorce from the rapper, who is often embroiled in controversies at times. Kim went on to call herself a ‘memory hoarder’ while bidding goodbye to one of the most significant parts of her life, which is her divorce from West. The diva was seen sorting through one of the storage units of Kanye on the same day as that of their legal separation. However, she did talk about her desire to keep such memories with herself.

The Tragic Truth

Kim shared her emotional journey of downsizing Kanye’s extensive collection of belongings in the same episode. The viewers were shocked to know that the rapper had almost 32 storage units. However, Kim was able to reduce it to three later. It was also revealed that he gifted his ex-wife the rest of the units as a kind gesture. What is more shocking is that he allegedly intended to burn such possessions and asked Kim to do the same. However, it seems like he had a change of heart later.

A Reminder for the Children

Despite the divorce, Kim wanted to sift some memories of Kanye West for all her children. She talked about the best times the couple had spent and experienced together. Despite the changes in their lives and their relationship, Kim acknowledged the importance of honoring their past. While she understood that life had taken a different path, she cherished the idea of keeping these mementos as a tribute to the love they once shared and the happy moments they created as a family.

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Kim reflected on how their children still saw their father as an amazing and beloved figure, and she didn’t want to tarnish that image by holding onto anger or resentment. Instead, she embraced the idea of preserving these memories so that their kids could always look back on them with fondness.

Current Status

Kanye West is currently married to Bianca Censori, a Yeezy architect who had worked with him earlier. On the other hand, Kim found love with Pete Davidson. However, the relationship was short-lived as the couple decided to part ways after around eleven months of dating each other. Talking about Kim and West, the ex-couple often meet on certain occasions, especially in the case of their children’s events like North’s basketball game.