Kanye West faces backlash over dressing up daughter in ‘racist’ clothes

Kanye West
Credit: YouTube

Kanye West has recently made headlines again but for all the wrong reasons. This time, the controversy is surrounding his 10-year-old daughter North West. So, the fans have blasted the Yeezy rapper for having dressed up his daughter in ‘racist’ clothes. It was only that some new photos of Ye dressing up North in clothes from Yeezy sprang up on social media. The little one could be seen dressed up in a pointed hood covering her entire face, including two small eye holes. And there! The controversy begins here.

Fan Reactions

The fans of the rapper, including the other netizens, were quick to point out that North West’s clothing looks like that of the Ku Klux Klan. The shape of the hood and the focus on covering up the entire face resembled the getup of the white supremacist group. As for Yeezy’s season 9 of his clothing brand, it dropped in October last year. It reportedly includes hooded jumpers and morph suits that cover the entire body. Among those expressing their disapproval, one fan from the South shared their frustration, stating that seeing North, a young black girl, wearing such attire was particularly upsetting. Many fans echoed this sentiment and called for a minimum color change to make the jumper less offensive.

North West wearing the jumper
Credit: Mirror UK/Reddit

Safety Concerns

Critics also raised concerns about the lasting impact of this image in the digital age. They emphasized that once a photo is online, it can follow someone for the rest of their life. As North is a public figure’s child, some fans worried that she could face years of potential backlash and safety concerns due to this controversial clothing choice. Calls for child protective services to intervene further escalated the conversation.

Kim Kardashian’s Role

Amidst the controversy, some fans dragged Kim Kardashian, North’s mother, into the conversation. While acknowledging her efforts to respect Kanye’s involvement in their children’s lives, some fans urged her to take a more active role in this situation. They believe that allowing North to wear a garment resembling a KKK hood crosses a significant line, and Kim should step in and address the matter.

Kanye West’s Artistic Expression

Kanye’s Yeezy collection has been known for its theatrical and unconventional designs since its inception. Despite the backlash and the association with the KKK parallel, it appears that Kanye’s artistic expression through his fashion line remains unchanged.


Kanye West’s decision to dress his daughter in a hoodie resembling a KKK hood has ignited a firestorm of criticism and discussions about cultural sensitivity, parenting, and the potential ramifications of controversial fashion choices. The incident serves as a reminder for public figures to be mindful of the messages their actions convey and the impact they may have on their loved ones and the broader public.