Kanye West’s Twitter, now X, account gets reinstated; DEETS inside

Kanye West
Credit: Instagram

Nearly eight months after his social media account was suspended on Twitter, now X, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, now referred to as Ye, has had his account reinstated. The suspension occurred because Ye violated the platform’s rules against incitement to violence. However, the platform has now allowed him back on, but with some limitations.

Limitations on Monetization and Advertisements

Despite having his account reinstated, Ye will not be eligible to monetize his presence on platform X, and advertisements won’t appear alongside his posts. This decision was reported by the Wall Street Journal and is likely to affect the rapper’s ability to earn money through his social media presence.

Suspension Triggered by Controversial Post

Ye’s account was initially suspended in December after one of his posts seemingly displayed a swastika symbol inside a Star of David. This controversial content led to the platform taking action against his account, and it remained suspended for nearly eight months.

Assurances to Prevent Harmful Content

Ye had to provide reassurance to platform X that he wouldn’t use the platform to share antisemitic or otherwise harmful language. The report, citing a person familiar with the matter, states that these assurances were necessary for the reinstatement of his account.

No Recent Activity on Platform X

Since his reinstatement, Ye has not posted anything new on platform X. It remains to be seen how he will utilize his account and what kind of content he will share with his followers after this long hiatus.

Elon Musk, the New Owner and Free Speech Stance

Platform X, formerly known as Twitter, is now under the ownership of billionaire Elon Musk, who calls himself a free speech absolutist. Musk had welcomed Ye’s return to the platform in October after his first reinstatement. It is worth noting that Musk also previously reinstated former U.S. President Donald Trump’s account on the platform after conducting a poll among Twitter users.

Consequences of Antisemitic Rants

Prior to his suspension on platform X, Ye faced backlash and consequences for going on a string of antisemitic rants in interviews and on social media. As a result of these controversial remarks, he lost his partnership with Adidas and Gap for his Yeezy products.


The reinstatement of Ye’s social media account on platform X marks his return to the platform after an extended suspension. However, with limitations on monetization and advertisements, and a commitment not to share harmful content, it remains to be seen how Ye will utilize his account moving forward.