Kanye West’s concert gets canceled in Italy even before announcement

Kanye West
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Ye’s, formerly known as Kanye West, much-anticipated comeback concert in Italy, originally set to be held at the 100,000-capacity RCF Arena in Reggio Emilia, has been canceled before it was officially announced.

The US rapper’s performance, rumored to serve as the global premiere of his joint album with Ty Dolla $ign, was organized by Milan-based Vivo Concerti and initially scheduled for October 20. Local authorities decided to cancel the event for safety reasons, citing a lack of communication from the organizers regarding essential planning details such as health and traffic plans, ticketing, and crowd size.


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What Led to the Cancellation?

According to local prefect Maria Rita Cocciufa, ensuring the safety and security of attendees is paramount, and the absence of critical information led to the event’s cancellation. Despite the preparations made by the city, including parking facilities, internal staffing, and other arrangements, the absence of official announcements and crucial details left the authorities with no choice but to call off the concert.

Who’s to Blame?

Davide Caiti, partner of the arena owner C.Volo, shifted blame onto Kanye West’s American production team, claiming that the local preparations were ready by October 20, and they were awaiting an official announcement to proceed. While the event generated local controversy due to West’s past controversies and comments, Caiti denies that potential protests played a role in the cancellation, emphasizing that production would not halt due to local concerns.

The Round of Controversies

This marks another chapter in Kanye West’s live appearances, following recent controversies and his first live show in Italy over the summer. West had joined Travis Scott on stage in Rome, performing to an audience at the Circus Maximus. The RCF Arena, which has previously hosted artists like Harry Styles, currently has four concerts scheduled for the coming year, including a previously announced show by Rammstein.

The reasons behind the cancellation and the lack of communication from the organizers have left fans and the local audience disappointed, highlighting the complexities and considerations that go into planning large-scale events for both artists and the communities involved.