Kate Middleton wears green suit on her visit to textile factory linked to her great-grandparnets

Kate Middleton Visits a Textile Factory Linked to Her Great-Grandparents while Dressed in a Green Suit
Credit: @KensingtonRoyal

The Princess of Wales certainly knows how to grab headlines with her perfect style choices for any occasion!

On a Tuesday morning visit to Stanningley, Yorkshire, Kate Middleton made many heads turn as she made a captivating visit to a textile factory that holds a special connection to her family’s history as it has been linked to her great-grandparents! Princess Kate, 41, was dressed elegantly in a stunning green suit which she paired with gold hoop earrings and a matching necklace. The vibrant color not only highlighted her natural beauty but enhanced her grace the very moment she stepped out to explore the bustling factory floor. 

AW Hainsworth, a family-owned heritage textile mill on the outskirts of Leeds, provided an opportunity for Kate to honor their legacy and gain a deeper understanding of their working lives.

Her paternal ancestors were owners of a local woolen manufacturer and merchant, William Lupton and Co., which was sold to AW Hainsworth in 1958. Her presence not only showcased her impeccable style but also highlighted her commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich history of the place.

As though the camera lens captured her visit, the duchess seemed to have a deep sense of connection, and she certainly recalled her family’s history, which is a big meaningful connection that seemed to resonate with the workers who warmly welcomed her. 

“She had had a chat with her parents, and they had been filling her in,” Rachel Taylor, a member of the Hainsworth family whose father was the sixth generation running the company, tells PEOPLE. “They had obviously done some research. She spoke to a lot of people today. We were able to put a bit of bells and whistles onto that.” 

Shortly after arriving around midday, the Princess of Wales toured the mill and met some of the company’s apprentices and their mentors. She was informed that the company provides materials to a variety of clients, including fashion and home décor businesses, as well as the Armed Forces. The report highlights that a holder of a Royal Warrant, which signifies that a company is a supplier to the royal family, AW Hainsworth’s fabrics were used during the coronations of both the late Queen Elizabeth in 1953 and King Charles in May.

When Kate first encountered Oliver, a mannequin dressed in a ceremonial royal guard uniform, she was entranced by the vivid scarlet cloth. Zena Al Mausawe, operational excellence director, told PEOPLE, “She loved it. It was great that she saw the scarlet tunic which is the iconic red fabric that everyone associates with Buckingham Palace and the guards. It was great how she was trying to feel everything and get the tactile experience as well.” She adds that the royal “loved the smell of the wool and the texture of it and the handle of it.”

As per the PEOPLE report, Amanda McLaren, managing director stated, “What was more interesting for her was seeing how it’s turned into beautiful red fabric. We explained the processes it goes through, from carding to spinning and winding and then finishing. She was really fascinated by it, and we were able to show her some fabric for the guardsmen going through the dye house. She could see it being dyed red, and it becomes very real then.”

By the end, to make her visit even more special Kate was reunited with a piece of clothing from her past! This special surprise was a clothing that the princess donned during her pregnancy, it was an outfit by Madderson London made with AW Hainsworth fabric while she was carrying Princess Charlotte. The company showcases the original outfit with a tag identifying its unique addition to the collection!

“The fabric was made here,” managing director Amanda McLaren tells PEOPLE. “It was really nice to bring that out and share it with her. She recognized it immediately. She said, ‘Oh my goodness, I remember that dress!’ For us, it was a nice little touch at the end. But for her, it was about coming here and understanding better a fully integrated mill and the importance of having socialist skills and expertise that we can pass on to the next generation.”