Kathy Griffin files for divorce from husband Randy Bick after four years of marriage

Kathy Griffin files for divorce from husband Randy Bick after four years of marriage
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When their fourth wedding anniversary was just around the corner, Kathy Griffin filed for divorce from her husband and her tour manager Randy Bick. According to TMZ, the court documents, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday night, reveal the comedian’s preference for the pair’s date of separation as December 22, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for parting ways.

Furthermore, according to the media outlet, Griffin requested the court to enforce their “premarital agreement” from 2019 in the petition for dissolution of their marriage. Not only that, but she also pleaded for the court’s ability to award spousal support to both parties to be terminated.

Once the news of their divorce broke, Griffin took to Instagram to express her inner thoughts on the issue. She said, “Well…sh*t. This sucks.”


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According to Entertainment Weekly, the separation announcement comes as a shocker for everyone since Griffin did not abstain from appreciating Bick on a recent episode of Nicole Byer’s Why Won’t You Date Me? podcast. Calling her husband “a champ”, she said, “The thing that got me out of suicidal ideation was when the doctor said, ‘The effects it has on your survivors is so awful.’ That’s the thing that got me to click out of it, was the thought that that’s a horrible thing to do to someone — to be their surviving spouse or friend.”

She further continued to say, “He’s been great. I realized I’ve asked a lot of him and he’s stood by me. But I feel like that’s a big one in relationships. For better or worse. That s— really happens. Sometimes it really does get worse.”
The couple had been dating since 2011 and fructified their relationship by tying the knot at the dawn of January 1, 2020, in what they called a “surprise” wedding, officiated by Lily Tomlin. During that time, Griffin posted on social media, “The entire ceremony was just under 14 minutes. We promised you atypical. We are in love and we cannot stop laughing.”

For her wedding, Griffin decked up a short-sleeved white gown with a black ribbon tied around the waist. The black ribbon, as she wrote on social media, had paramount significance since she had worn it on her and Bick’s first date in 2011.

She then shared with PEOPLE, “Randy and I are doing sort of toy rings for the ceremony because neither one of us likes wearing rings ever. So we will never wear rings. Deal with it.”

She wrote on X (former Twitter), “I asked Randy to pick out which ever one of my long dresses was his favourite for any reason. He picked out this dress and showed me this photo [of their first date]. Romance is hotttt again.”
This is Griffin’s second marriage. She had previously tied the knot with Matt Moline from 2001-2006. In fact, he had even appeared on her reality show, My Life on the D-List.

However, things soon turned turbulent for the comedian when she posed for a photo holding a bloody head that was likened to the face of then-president Donald Trump. It spawned controversy that led the Secret Service to investigate Griffin.

Over the years, Griffin has started opening up about her battles with lung cancer and drug addiction. The latter had also compelled the comedian to take the drastic step of suicide. Despite all these impediments, Griffin has stayed loyal to her career as a comedian. This June, according to THR, she had a sold-out show in Las Vegas.

Posting a video on social media, she wrote, “You guys, I’m so f ing grateful to this audience. I still can’t get over it. My first show in five long years! I don’t have an agent, manager or publicist anymore. My husband is my tour manager and I negotiated the deal myself. No deal for a special or live stream of it, but the show was sold out because real, live people actually showed up! After an international political scandal and surviving lung cancer, I finally felt like I was home.”


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