Keep Breathing Season 2: Is it happening?

Keep Breathing: Why Melissa Barrerra said that ‘it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life?’
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Is Keep Breathing Season 2 in the making? Find out.

If you’ve watched all the six episodes of Keep Breathing, the survival drama starring Melissa Barrera, then you would be madly anticipating a Season 2, especially considering how things have been left in season 1. So, will Keep Breathing keep breathing for Season 2?

This survivalist thriller that centers around the life of Liv (Melissa Barrera) after her plane crashes into the lake is a limited series. This implies that the six episodes are probably all we are going to get from the show. However, the official streamer of the series, Netflix, hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the renewal or cancellation of the series.

Be that as it may, continue to read more to know about the current updates on Keep Breathing Season 2.

Is Keep Breathing officially renewed for a second season?

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Given the way things are currently, Keep Breathing is not officially renewed for a second season. However, the way things were left in a cliffhanger in season 1, renewal could be just around the corner. The season ended with a shot of Liv exuding more determination and will to survive than ever before to get back to Danny.

Before renewing any season, Netflix extols data regarding the viewership of the show. For instance, it gains data regarding how many people watched it and more. More often than not, based on this data, Netflix can quickly decide regarding cancellations and renewals of a show. But sometimes, it can also take months to announce the future of a show.

So far, we do not have any confirmed information regarding the renewal of season 2. We can only guess that there might be one based on how things ended in its predecessor. However, season 1 has not been spared by some harsh critics, so it becomes quite difficult to say anything concrete as of now.

What is the plot of Keep Breathing?

According to Netflix, the official synopsis of the series reads:

“When a small plane crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness, a lone survivor must battle the elements — and her personal demons — to stay alive.”

As mentioned, the season follows the life of Liv as she struggles to survive in the wilderness after her plane crashes into the lake. However, it’s not only the external wilderness that she has to conquer but also the internal wilderness, where she has to meet and defeat her inner demons, which often prove more difficult to defeat than the external world.

Check out the trailer here:

Keep Breathing | Official Trailer | Netflix


What do the critics have to say about Keep Breathing?

Keep Breathing has received some mixed reviews. According to The Guardian, Keep Breathing “is undermined from the start by the fact that the Canadian wilderness into which Liv (Melissa Barrera) – a tough, young lawyer – crash-lands looks idyllic.” It was not only called ‘a determinedly basic stuff’, but the media outlet went so far as to say that Keep Breathing might not make you ‘perch on the edge of your seat’, rather, ‘you are more likely to drift off gently to sleep, perhaps dreaming of a pleasant holiday in a log cabin, and wake up when it is all over.’

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On a more positive note, Decider says, “Because Keep Breathing is more or less a one-person limited series, its success is going to rely heavily on its star. ” Praising the ‘monumental task’ that rested on Barrera’s shoulders, the entertainment and pop culture destination site mentions, “Despite the idea that Liv is some citified lawyer who might not be able to adapt, Barrera sells the idea that she can absolutely survive, making her resourcefulness in the situation possible.”

Considering such mixed reviews, it becomes difficult to expect a renewal of the show. However, stay tuned for more details on Keep Breathing Season 2.