Khloé Kardashian jokes about starting OnlyFans for feet in The Kardashians Season 4 finale

Khloe Kardashian
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As Season 4 of “The Kardashians” concluded, Khloé Kardashian, 39, was questioned about her next career move. In response, Khloé humorously suggested starting an OnlyFans account for her feet, believing it could be lucrative.

She playfully outlined potential content, including painting toenails, wearing pantyhose, and unconventional ideas like putting her foot in Jello or mud. The reality star ended the segment by jokingly promoting her hypothetical OnlyFans link.

Season 4 Highlights


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Khloé’s storyline in Season 4 primarily focused on co-parenting with ex Tristan Thompson. The season captured her navigating challenges, emphasizing boundaries, and addressing the complexities of their relationship. Khloé expressed pride in demonstrating mature co-parenting for their children despite past traumatic experiences.

Co-Parenting and Boundaries

Khloé detailed the significant nature of her past with Tristan but underscored her commitment to being a kind and mature co-parent. She clarified her intent not to mislead anyone in matters of love and emphasized the importance of clear boundaries. The season showcased Khloé’s determination to maintain a positive co-parenting dynamic for the sake of her children.

Reflection on Love

In confessional moments, Khloé reflected on her attitude toward love, acknowledging her romantic nature while remaining cautious due to past experiences. She shared Tristan’s declaration of her being his person but expressed skepticism, given their history. Khloé affirmed her stance on not playing with love and emphasized the need for sincerity in romantic relationships.

Khloé and Tristan’s History

The show delved into Khloé and Tristan’s tumultuous history, including multiple infidelities, Tristan’s cheating scandal with Jordyn Woods, and the revelation of Tristan fathering a child with Maralee Nichols. Despite challenges, Khloé has been vocal about her love for co-parenting but has reiterated her firm decision not to reconcile romantically with Tristan.

Season Finale Sign-Off

The season concluded with Khloé’s lighthearted OnlyFans for Feet suggestion, showcasing her humor and willingness to explore unconventional avenues in her career. The playful moment provided a comedic sign-off for Season 4 of “The Kardashians.”

As Khloé Kardashian’s personal journey unfolds, the Season 4 finale hinted at her resilience, commitment to co-parenting, and ability to inject humor into challenging situations. The ongoing dynamics with Tristan Thompson remain a focal point, and Khloé’s journey continues to captivate viewers.