Khloé Kardashian reveals ‘it’s way harder’ to be nice to ex Tristan Thompson

Credits: Khloé Kardashian/ Instagram

In a new interview with TMRW Magazine, Khloé Kardashian opened up about her co-parenting relationship with her ex Tristan Thompson, also talking about the reason, she doesn’t “badmouth” him.

Khloé and former husband Tristan called it quits at the beginning of 2022 due to his multiple cheating scandals. The ex-couple is now co-parenting their two children, True and Tatum, which is the reason that Kardashian maintains a positive attitude towards Thompson.

“With me and Tristan, would it be really easy to never talk to him again and to just badmouth him or whatever? Of course, but it’s way harder when you’re really mad at someone, it’s really hard to sit in their face in front of your kids and be like, ‘Hi!’” the ‘Kardashians’ star said in the interview published on, January 11, as per the reports obtained by People Magazine.

She further said, “Trust me, that’s not how I feel every day. I had to learn to take control of my feelings. There were so many times that my feelings got control of me and I was impulsive and I tweeted something or posted something and things that you regret. But in my opinion, I’ll never regret being a nice person.”

“I want my kids to have beautiful relationships with their dad. And if we’re blessed enough to have a dad that wants to be there and wants to show up and be hands-on, why would I prevent that from happening?” the star adds. By keeping things peaceful with her ex for the sake of her kids, Kardashian thinks that she’s “protecting their innocence.”

As per People, she then talked about her daughter True by saying how not having a cell phone makes her feel like an outsider among her friends. “Some parents allow their kids to have cellphones or this or that. And I’m like, there’s no chance in hell would my daughter have a cell phone right now,” Khloé says.

“There’s no need. You’re 5 and a half. I just don’t understand who they’re calling!” she said while laughing, “I don’t see her getting a phone or anything like that until she’s 13.”

Like every star, Kardashian too has had her bad experiences with social media, which is a reason that she doesn’t want her kids to enter that world so soon. She reasoned by saying, “I just don’t think comments and that many people having access to you or having an opinion about you is healthy at my age. And I’m 39, so I can’t imagine the impact that has on someone mentally and emotionally in their young, formative years.”

“I’ve read the craziest articles about all of that, or people in Congress saying how suicide rates go up. It’s scary. And I’m completely aware of all that and I want to protect my children. Who wouldn’t?” she further added.