Kim Kardashian and Lauren Sánchez become Balenciaga bidding buddies

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

During New York Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian and Lauren Sánchez found themselves bidding on the same Balenciaga dress at the Kering Foundation’s Caring for Women dinner. Rather than resorting to cutthroat competition, the two friends decided on a more collaborative approach.

Realizing the bidding conflict, Kardashian suggested, “We’ll share it!” with the idea that each woman would have the opportunity to wear the designer piece on different occasions. The friendly agreement highlighted the strong bond between the two.

Kering’s Generous Offer

Instead of leaving it at that, Kering, the corporation that owns luxury brands, including Balenciaga, stepped in with a generous offer. The company proposed to custom-make two dresses for Kardashian and Sánchez, resolving the bidding situation amicably. Each woman contributed $200,000 for the bespoke gowns.

Building Each Other Up

While the bidding war was a high-profile interaction, Kardashian shared that she and Sánchez frequently communicate on social media. They exchange supportive messages, with Sanchez often expressing admiration for Kardashian’s looks. Kardashian emphasized Sanchez’s supportive and “girl’s girl” nature.

Celebrating Together

In October, Sánchez attended Kardashian’s 43rd birthday celebration alongside other notable figures. In a birthday post, Sanchez expressed her admiration for Kardashian’s kindness and beauty, wishing her endless happiness in the year ahead.

The friendship extends beyond fashion events, with Kardashian’s family attending Sanchez’s first and second engagement parties. The camaraderie between Kardashian and Sánchez reflects a supportive and uplifting connection that goes beyond the world of fashion.

No Immediate Response

As of now, there has been no immediate response from Kardashian, Kering, or Sánchez regarding this collaborative fashion experience. The joint custom-designed dresses not only resolved a potential conflict but also showcased the strength of their friendship.

Kim Kardashian and Lauren Sánchez’s approach to the Balenciaga bidding war demonstrates that even in high-stakes fashion moments, camaraderie and collaboration can prevail over competition.