Kim Kardashian and North West’s TikTok Tribute to Kanye West Shocks Fans

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Amidst the aftermath of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s messy divorce, a new TikTok video featuring Kim and their eldest daughter, North West, has caught the attention of fans. The mother-daughter duo can be seen lip-syncing to Estelle’s 2008 hit “American Boy” in what appears to be a tribute to Kanye’s musical career. This heartwarming gesture comes after Kanye expressed disapproval of North’s TikTok usage. However, recent reports suggest a slight change in his stance regarding the content she posts online.

A TikTok Tribute

Kim Kardashian and North West delighted fans with another adorable mommy-daughter TikTok video. The clip showcases them enjoying the sun in their luxurious mansion while lip-syncing to a sped-up version of “American Boy.” The choice of this song is significant, as Kanye West not only co-wrote it but also performed the rap verse. Many speculate that Kim and North’s TikTok video serves as a tribute to Kanye’s contributions to the music industry.

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Twitter

Celebrating Kanye’s Musical Career

As Kim and North enthusiastically lip-synced to the chorus of “American Boy,” fans couldn’t help but connect the dots between the song choice and Kanye West’s achievements. This Grammy-winning track holds a special place in Kanye’s discography, making it a fitting choice for the TikTok tribute. It’s evident that Kim and North wanted to celebrate and acknowledge Kanye’s significant impact on the music world through their lighthearted performance.

A Shift in Stance

Notably, this TikTok video emerges amidst reports of Kanye West slightly changing his perspective on his daughter’s online content. Previously, Kanye expressed disapproval of North’s participation on TikTok, particularly her wearing makeup in a viral video. However, recent insider reports suggest that Kanye now appreciates Kim’s reasonable approach in monitoring the content North shares on social media. This indicates a potential shift in his stance and a more understanding outlook toward Kim’s decisions regarding their daughter’s online presence.