Kim Kardashian clears air on her weight loss controversy for Met Gala

Kim Kardashian
Credits: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

It has been a few weeks since the curtains of the Met Gala 2022 were closed down. However, people still can’t stop talking about the unique, quirky, and inspiring outfits worn by noted celebrities at the grand event held every year. Reality star Kim Kardashian is among the regular attendees of the fashion gala and this year was no different for her. However, she was mired in a round of controversies following the event and now, she has decided to clap back at the same and how!

Kim Kardashian’s outfit


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The beauty mogul turned heads around at the Met Gala this year as she wore the iconic golden gown graced by the legendary diva Marylin Monroe. The outfit also demanded her to lose a few pounds, and this is where all the controversies actually began!

The widespread criticisms

Kim Kardashian’s outfit at the Met Gala maybe have made many heads turn but there were also a group of netizens who criticized her for advertising what they call unhealthy expectations associated with weight loss. Now, the reality star has decided to clap back at all the criticisms as she addressed the topic in one of her interviews.

This is what Kim has to say

Kim Kardashian began her explanation in a recent interview by referring to Christian Bale. The starlet asked if it is acceptable when Bale did the same thing for a movie role. She also took Renee Zellweger’s name who had to gain weight for a movie role. Kim Kardashian explained the reason stating that it’s all the same to her when it comes to weight management. She referred to the extreme diets followed by Christian Bale for the 2004 film The Machinist and the 2013 film American Hustle.


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Kim’s explanation

Kim Kardashian also insisted she lost weight to fit into her dress and that she didn’t do anything unhealthy. Her personal trainer Don Brooks also came out in her support while stating that she did not eat anything unhealthy and that she followed a balanced diet.