Kim Kardashian faces backlash for her tribute to Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Instagram

Kim Kardashian paid tribute to the rock band Smash Mouth in a unique way by sharing a pair of photos on Twitter and Instagram where she flaunted her figure in a gold bikini. In her caption, she quoted one of the band’s most famous lyrics, writing, “All that glitters is gold,” which is a line from Smash Mouth’s hit song “All Star.” Her caption cleverly referenced the metallic shade of her swimwear.

The California rock band Smash Mouth acknowledged Kim Kardashian’s reference and approved of it by retweeting her post and adding a playful touch, saying, “only shooting stars.” This interaction indicated that the band appreciated the nod to their song.

Mixed Reactions

While many fans found Kim Kardashian’s tribute light-hearted and fun, not everyone was pleased with her choice of reference. Some individuals expressed discomfort on social media, as her post came just two days after the band’s frontman, Steve Harwell, passed away at the age of 56. Steve Harwell had been battling cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle disease, for several years, and he spent time in hospice care before his passing.

Some commenters criticized Kim Kardashian for using the band’s lyrics in what they perceived as a “thirst trap” post so soon after Harwell’s death. They called it “low key tone deaf” in light of the recent loss.

Mixed Responses to the Controversy

Interestingly, fans who commented on Smash Mouth’s tweet indicated that Steve Harwell would likely have been fine with Kim’s post. They pointed out that some critics may not have known Harwell well and that his personality was such that he would have appreciated the playful reference. Steve Harwell’s death was announced in a statement from Smash Mouth’s manager, Robert Hayes. The statement acknowledged his unwavering determination to achieve pop stardom despite limited musical experience, highlighting the remarkable nature of his accomplishments in the music industry.