Kim Kardashian faces backlash for TikTok dance video; Here’s why

Kim Kardashian
Credit: Twitter

Kim Kardashian, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has found herself at the receiving end of online criticism for a dance video posted on TikTok. The video shared on an account she runs with her daughter North, quickly garnered attention but was met with negative feedback from netizens. Despite the harmless nature of the video, Kim was labeled as “cringy” by online trolls. Let’s dive into the details surrounding this online backlash.

Kim’s TikTok Dance Performance

Joining the trend on TikTok, Kim Kardashian showcased her dance skills in a video set to Doechii’s song “What It Is.” In the clip, Kim can be seen energetically moving to the music, adorned in a black t-shirt featuring artwork from the metal band Megadeth, along with black pants. The mother of four appeared to be enjoying herself while dancing solo to the song. Notably, this video stood out as Kim usually appears in videos alongside her daughter North on their shared TikTok account, where they share lighthearted content such as hairstyling sessions and participation in the latest dance trends.

Netizens React with Criticism

As soon as the TikTok video was uploaded, netizens swiftly criticized Kim Kardashian, branding her as “cringy.” Many comments pointed out her perceived stiffness and lack of effort, with one user even suggesting that she could have added more energy to her dance moves. Some individuals advised Kim to grow gracefully and evolve instead of engaging in activities that appear out of touch. However, amidst the criticism, a few fans stepped up to defend the reality TV star, highlighting that the hand gesture she made during the dance has been around for decades and that people should lighten up and allow her to have fun.

Kim Kardashian

Controversy Surrounding Kim’s Social Media Use

The joint TikTok account managed by Kim and her daughter North has recently sparked discussions regarding the children’s social media usage. In an interview with Time, Kim confessed that her ex-husband Kanye West was right in questioning whether North should have access to social media at such a young age. This revelation highlights Kim’s acknowledgment of occasionally making wrong decisions regarding her children’s online presence. North West recently celebrated her 10th birthday with a grand event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, further emphasizing the public attention surrounding the Kardashian-West family.


Kim Kardashian’s TikTok dance video became the subject of online backlash, with netizens criticizing her performance as “cringy” and lacking energy. Despite the negativity, some fans defended her right to have fun and urged others to lighten up. Additionally, Kim’s admission about her past social media decisions for her children sheds light on the challenges she faces as a parent in the digital age. As with any public figure, online scrutiny is a constant reality, and Kim’s experience serves as a reminder of the pervasive nature of internet trolling.